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What shoes can I wear with a pale pink dress?

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What shoes can I wear with a pale pink dress?

Pale pink has become a very fashionable colour, while being very stylish and practical for any occasion. Also, while it may not seem like it, when accessorizing dresses that are pale pink there are numerous options for very different looks. Don't let the eternal issue of what shoes can I wear with a pale pink dress deter you from wearing this fantastic colour, at OneHowTo we help solve your dilemma.

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One of the most recommended options for styling your pale pink dress is a pair of nude or beige-coloured shoes that will help emphasise your dress. Choose the right tone and, above all, ones that go well with the style of your look.


For an option similar to nude but bolder, choose gold-coloured shoes to wear with your pale pink dress. You need to take care when choosing the shade of gold, they shouldn't be too bright or stand out more than necessary.


Silver also works perfectly with a pale pink dress; likewise with gold, we recommend that it is not too loud. You can opt for a dark silver in the style of "old money".

Pale pink

A block colour look is another good way to wear a pale pink dress pink, a very naive and sweet style. To do this, find a pair of shoes the same colour as your dress, so that it doesn't not clash. In this case, you can play more with your accessories. A total pink look is perfect for baby showers and other baby related occasions.


If you want to opt for something more trail-blazing, black is the perfect shoe colour for your pale pink dress. This is a way to make your shoes stand out, but also to downplay the dress. It is also a good color combination to look expensive on a budget.


As you see, pale pink dresses can give you many combinations when choosing what shoes to wear. Also, you can style it with a pair of brown shoes, in coffee shades and the like. This gives a classy, vintage look. For a more informal style, you could even opt for romantic, decorated cowboy boots.

Total contrast

And for the most daring, a fantastic option is to style a pale pink dress with colourful shoes: green, fuchsia, turquoise, coral... or opt for animal print.

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What shoes can I wear with a pale pink dress?
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What shoes can I wear with a pale pink dress?