What to Wear with a Purple Dress

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 27, 2017
What to Wear with a Purple Dress

Many women love purple or lilac but find it difficult when it comes to knowing what shoes to wear with a purple dress. Although there's a widespread opinion that black goes with everything, it's not always the case and there are other options that are better to combine with a purple dress. We all know that choosing the proper shoes and other accessories will determine the success or failure of your look, so at oneHOWTO we'll give you some tips on what to wear with a purple dress.

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One of the most classic choices is to combine your purple dress with shoes and accessories of the same color. Thus, the whole outfit will match and the accessories won't stand out more than the dress.

You can also go for a slightly lighter shade of purple, such as lavender, to create a nice contrast. If you do this, make sure all accessories are the same lighter shade.This monochrome combination is perfect for formal events such as weddings, baptism and such places where you won't want to stand out from the crowd.

Besides the color, in terms of footwear, it's very important to find shoes that you feel comfortable in and look especially good on you.

What to Wear with a Purple Dress - Purple
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Another highly recommended option for shoes to wear with a purple dress, is to go for nude or a skin color to go with your purple dress. With shoes in this color, the dress will be further highlighted and unique.

You can combine it with a black or nude clutch, as long as it's the same color as the shoes.

What to Wear with a Purple Dress - Nude
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A similar option to nude but that's more daring, is to choose gold shoes, that will bring a sparkle to your purple dress. It's important that you carefully choose a gold tone, so they're not too bright and ornate, because then they can overwhelm your look. Keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum so you don't stand out too much or look like a Christmas tree. Choose stylish and fine golden shoes to go with your purple dress.

What to Wear with a Purple Dress - Gold
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Also, silver can be great with an eggplant coloread dress. As with the gold, you should find an appropriate shade that doesn't contrast too much with the dress. This is a perfect option for any nighttime event where you want to shine and look amazing.

Do not combine with other metal accessories or, again, you'll look too shiny.

What to Wear with a Purple Dress - Silver
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Bright colors

For those who are more daring, there's also the option of choosing colorful accessories such as red, green, yellow, fuchsia, blue... This is currently a very fashionable style and is called color-blocking.

The colors that can best go with purple if you go for a color-blocking look are pink, salmon and blue shoes. Make sure you choose a bag or clutch that has one solid and bright color that differs from the purple and the color of your shoes.

What to Wear with a Purple Dress - Bright colors
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  • Choose shoes that best suit your style, although high heels always show off your figure.
  • Opt for a handbag with matching shoes.

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Carla Rogers-Spann
What color shawl would you wear to an evening wedding. I have a purple dress, silver heels and silver purse.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Carla
You could consider wearing another shade of purple with this outfit or a light pink shawl.
I'm wearing a purple dress to school can I wear a blue and white striped jacket with it
OneHowTo Editor
It doesn't sound like the best combination. I'd stick to the colors mentioned in this article.
Hope this helps
Joan Bynum
Please tell me what color shoes gose with a purple dress
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Joan,

As it says in the article, the perfect shoes for a purple dress can range from silver to beige, gold or color-block colors such as yellow.

Hope this helps

What to Wear with a Purple Dress
Image: fanshare,yournextshoes,dailymail
Image: popsugar, gonmapblog
Image: glamradar, sandinepointe,lulus
Image: celebitchy, zinkata, shermillasblog
Image: hitched, pinterest
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What to Wear with a Purple Dress

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