How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 18, 2017
How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress

Cobalt blue is a color full of vitality that we should all have in our wardrobe. A cobalt blue dress never goes amiss, but the fact is that, being such a special color, we sometimes worry about what to wear it with. But with a couple of recommendations and a series of rules, you can wear cobalt blue with confidence. At oneHOWTO we show you how to wear a cobalt blue dress.

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Cobalt blue is a striking color, so we have to be careful with the things that we add when wearing an electric blue dress. What we have learned about what accessories you can wear with a blue dress or how to wear electric blue pants will help us.

The first thing to worry about when you wear a cobalt blue dress is your shoes. The best thing to do when picking shoes to wear with an cobalt blue dress is to go for neutral colors such as nude or black, or for vibrant and metallic colors, such as gold or silver.

Cobalt blue and nude

In fact, nude is a great color choice for all the accessories to your cobalt blue dress. Your handbag and shoes can be this color.

How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress - Cobalt blue and nude
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Cobalt blue & black

The same applies to black or white. Black shoes or a black bag work very well with this kind of blue, as the contrast gives an elegant touch. This is the perfect match for either a low-key formal event or as a work outfit.

How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress - Cobalt blue & black
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Cobalt blue & color block

Cobalt blue is a color that's full of personality, so it is best to avoid mixing it with other very bright colors. You can opt for strong shades, but only if you limit them to a specific and secondary part of your outfit. For example, a touch of mustard or yellow can work.

However, cobalt blue is also a great color to try color blocking with yellow or even pink.

How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress - Cobalt blue & color block
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Cobalt blue & faux leather

But if want your accessories to define your style, a faux leather jacket will give a defining rocker touch to your outfit. This will give you a more laid-back style that is perfect for an informal night out.

How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress - Cobalt blue & faux leather

Cobalt blue & pastel

Pastel colors will soften the dress color and give your look a more romantic feel. This option is perfect for more formal occasions such as weddings. Go for a coral or pastel pink tone that goes with your handbag for a perfect match with your cobalt blue dress.

Cobalt blue & brown

Another way to combine cobalt blue is brown. You'll only need to combine the same tone of brown in your accessories to make sure they match perfectly. This is a great option for an autumn look.

How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress - Cobalt blue & brown
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  • Avoid wearing dark tights with a cobalt blue dress, it will totally spoil the originality of your look.
  • You can also go for a total look, just make sure your accessories are the same color.

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You can wear a royal blue dress with cobalt colored shoes for a real sexy look

How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress
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How to Wear a Cobalt Blue Dress

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