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Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. January 7, 2021
Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You

From a casual look to glam, false eyelashes really do elevate any look you're going for. When first starting out you may not know which false eyelash will best suit the shape of your eye or look best for the look you're going for. Through trial error you will feel more confident when choosing false eyelashes and wearing them, but before you buy your first set, let us give you some insight!

In this oneHOWTO article we're going to go through the different types of false lashes. We will also give you some tips so you can find what type of false eyelashes are best for your eye shape and the look you're going for.

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Types of false eyelashes

If you have decided to wear false eyelashes to enhance your eyes, keep in mind that they are not all the same, nor will they fit you the same way. You must first learn about what types of false eyelashes there are and then see which best suits your eye shape and the look you're going for. Thus, we can find the following types of false eyelashes:

Strip Lashes

These are the most common types of lashes when it comes to beginners. Not only do they come in different sizes and volume, but you can easily customise them to the size and shape of your eye by cutting them. Most beginners will need a few practice trials before perfecting the skill so it’s always best to not trim off too much too soon. These are also quite easy to put on as they are simply one piece, making it quick and easy to put them on.

If you're looking for false eyelashes for a casual daily look, you can go with “natural” strip lashes with 10% volume. If you're going for a more glam look, you can search for more volume. There are even different models of lashes, such as cat eyes, thick lashes, natural, artistic, etc.

When choosing your first lashes, we recommend you start with low volume and build yourself up if you want more volume. However, if you're confident that you want thicker and longer lashes, definitely go with your gut. We also recommend you choose reusable strip lashes that you can clean and reuse them. Opt for high quality lashes made of 100% mink. Other brands will use synthetics like plastic, silk or human hair.

Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You - Types of false eyelashes

Individual flare lashes

These are not beginner friendly as they are usually used my more experienced make-up artists to further customise the look and add more volume. Flare lashes typically come in 3 different lengths and are great as they give the artist more control on how the end look will result.

If you're looking to further advance and customise your make up skills, then it's definitely time to try individual flare lashes. Remember that although you can apply strip lashes with your fingers, you will probably need lash tweezers when applying individual flare lashes. And just like with the strip lashes, you will need high quality lash glue.

Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You -

Individual single lashes

We also have individual single lashes which are the least common as false eyelashes as they are quite the hassle to put on. In fact, these are more commonly used in eyelash extensions which are more permanent as these are installed by professionals and last an average of 6 weeks.

With that being said, advanced make up artists may use individual single lashes to achieve a certain look they're going for and have full control over the outcome. If you're at this level and wish to give these a go, you

Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You -

Magentic lashes

The latest trend in the lash world are magnetic lashes. These are very beginner friendly, being even quicker and easier to put on than the strip lashes we previously mentioned as they do not require lash glue. Magnetic lashes are attached to natural lashes through micro-magnets and require two rows of lashes, both for the lower and upper part. In other words, magnetic eyelashes essentially work by sandwiching your natural lash between two fake lashes with magnetic strips, which hold them in place the way glue normally would.

They can be reused and to remove them they simply have to be stretched with your fingers. They give depth and volume to any look and do not require the use of glue, like the other types of false lashes. Magnetic false eyelashes are ideal for all types of eyes too and come in different models and volume.

Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You -

Which is best for you?

Now that we've had a look at the different types of false lashes, we're going to give you some tips so you can choose which false lashes would be best for you:

  • If you're a beginner opt for strip or magnetic lashes
  • Choose a model that compliments that type of make-up looks you do
  • Watching make-up tutorials, looking at pinterest make-up photos, etc. can help you find your make-up style and hence which false lashes would be best for you
  • Cut the strip lashes so it fits your eye shape, if it's falling you will need to cut it a little more
  • Be patient and have fun, make-up is about having fun anyway

You can also watch the video below to see how the different types of false eyelashes look and how to choose which one suits you best!

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Types of False Eyelashes and How to Choose the Best One for You