Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning

By Mary Smith. January 24, 2022
Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning

While we may be well aware of the use of oils on our scalp, not all of us know that benefits oils can provide to our eyelashes. Although they are a different kind of hair, our eyelashes still function in the same basic ways. For those of us who want bright, radiant and well-conditioned eyelashes there are some natural oils which can be of great benefit to you. If you take care of your diet, stay hydrated and maintain general overall health, it will take you far. However, your lashes can always use a boost, something for which natural oils can be incredibly beneficial.

To see what is best for you, oneHOWTO provides the 8 best oils for eyelash growth and conditioning. Which one do you choose?

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1. Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the most beneficial oils for eyelashes. It has been used for years in all kinds of natural beauty treatments. This is because it provides us with unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. These components nourish and moisturize our tissues, as well as rebuild and strengthen them. In this way, if we apply argan oil routinely to our eyelashes, we can help increase their volume and make them look much denser and healthier.

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Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning - 1. Argan oil

2. Almond oil

In this list of the best oils for eyelashes, we cannot miss almond oi. It is a product that has been used for years in hair treatments, known for its moisturizing and reparative capacity.

Due to its popularity, its use has been expanded and today it has also begun to be used as a moisturizing mascara. Thanks to its contribution of vitamin E and natural fats, it can strengthen the eyelash from the root, providing not only more growth, but also resistance.

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3. Sesame oil

Although most associated with Asian cooking, sesame oil is becoming more and more common in natural cosmetics. The benefit vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and B vitamin complex has when ingested can also be applied when used topically. It gives the hair extra strength that goes from the root to tip. You simply have to apply it every night as if it were a conventional hair mask. In a few weeks you will notice how your eyelashes have grown and become much brighter.

Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning - 3. Sesame oil

4. Castor oil

If you notice your eyelashes are looking dull and flat, you will wonder what is good for eyelash growth and conditioning. Castor oil could be your answer. This plant-based product is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins, which will improve the quality of your eyelashes and even help to make them look wavy. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, as are all the best oils for eyelash growth.

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5. Olive oil

Another of the best eyelash growth oils is olive oil. This is one of the most versatile vegetable products. In some countries its use as a cosmetic has been more prevalent for longer than its use in the kitchen. Olive oil provides us with extra hydration and a natural shine quickly and effectively.

If you tend to suffer from eyelash loss and want to see them stronger and fuller, one of the best treatments is to use virgin olive oil. Use it as a hair mask for two weeks and you will notice how they recover their shine and density.

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Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning - 5. Olive oil

6. Jojoba oil

This popular oil for eyelashes is extracted by pressing the seeds of the jojoba bush. In recent years it has gained great prevalence in the world of hair care as it contains ceramide, a key ingredient when it comes to helping strengthen hair and give it vitality. When caring for and maintaining eyelashes, jojoba oil can help to increase their tensile strength and volume.

7. Hazelnut oil

The next of the best eyelash oils is a product made from hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are capable of providing great hydration and nutrients when converted into oil. Similar to almond oil, hazelnut oil favors capillary strengthening, being a great ally for your eyelashes.

Hazelnut oil is good for the growth of your eyelashes, making them look thicker and denser. To achieve this, try moisturizing them with hazelnut oil for two weeks every night and you will see the results.

Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning - 7. Hazelnut oil

8. Wheat germ oil

One of the vitamins that contribute the most when it comes to promoting capillary strengthening is vitamin E. It found in abundance in wheat germ oil, one of the best plant-based oils for eyelashes. Its high vitamin B content can also make the hair of your eyelashes grow and take shape, becoming longer and stronger.

You can find wheat germ oil in any herbalist and, with the help of an eyelash comb, you should apply it every night until you see how your eyelashes regain vitality.

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Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning
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Best Oils for Eyelash Growth and Conditioning

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