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The Best Supplements For Tanning

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 11, 2019
The Best Supplements For Tanning

Now that the winters are over, the time has come to pack your bags and hit the beach. Tanning is a coveted thing among people with white skin. If you don’t want to spend several hours in the sun and get your skin burned, you can take melanin supplements to get that perfect tan. As you may know, our body can produce melanin in our body naturally, but here at oneHOWTO, we are going to tell you about some of the best supplements for tanning, however the results may vary, depending on individual response to the product.

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  1. Tyrosine supplements
  2. Beta Carotene supplements
  3. Selenium supplements
  4. Himanthalla elongata
  5. Sunific capsules

Tyrosine supplements

Tyrosine, commercially known as melanin pill, is an amino acid that helps our body to produce a pigment, called melanin, that is responsible for protecting the skin from damaging effects of the sun, and also making the skin look tanned. To know more you can take a look at our article on the function of melanin.

If you take these pills some time before going out in the sun, your body will be able to produce more melanin, due to which it is one of the best supplements for tanning, as you will get the perfect color more easily.

Beta Carotene supplements

Beta carotene is another natural pigment that gives color to many fruits and vegetables. When ingested in supplement form, it gets converted into Vitamin A inside our body, and stimulates growth of skin cells, builds collagen, and helps in maintaining skin elasticity. When taken in high doses through beta carotene supplements, it can even add an orange or golden brown tint to your skin, due to which your skin will look tanned. It can also help you stay tanned in winter.

The Best Supplements For Tanning - Beta Carotene supplements

Selenium supplements

Selenium is an antioxidant that is highly helpful in removing free radicals from our body. These are highly reactive molecules which become more active after exposure to sun, and cause skin disease and premature aging. Thus, selenium supplements keep your skin protected against free radical damage, thus help you get tanned safely.

The Best Supplements For Tanning - Selenium supplements

Himanthalla elongata

It is a natural supplement that contains Himanthalla elongate, an algae found on sea shores, that is effective to increase melanin production. As you are producing more melanin, your skin will stay protected while in the sun, and you will get tanned quicker and easier.

The Best Supplements For Tanning - Himanthalla elongata

Sunific capsules

Another of the best supplements for tanning are Sunific capslues, which contain natural oils like borage oil and olive oil, which are found to be highly effective in hydrating your skin from inside. These capsules not only protect your skin from sun damage, but also prolong your tan after exposure to the sun. It also contains tomato oleoresin and soy extract, the high antioxidant level of which saves the skin and keeps your tan for longer period of time.

The Best Supplements For Tanning - Sunific capsules

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The Best Supplements For Tanning