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What Are Melanin Pills

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. March 23, 2017
What Are Melanin Pills

Melanin is a naturally occurring hormone that is responsible for giving brown color to your skin. The more melanin you have in your body, the darker your skin tone will be. In addition to skin, melanin is also the determining factor for the color of your hair and iris. Many light skinned people use melanin pills to get tanned naturally and to have a darker skin color. In addition to these, melanin pills have several other uses as well. In this oneHOWTO article, you will find out what are melanin pills, and a lot more information about them.

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  1. Uses of melanin pills
  2. Benefits of using melanin pills
  3. How melanin pills work
  4. Possible side effects of melanin pills
  5. The final thought

Uses of melanin pills

Melanin pills are widely used for following purposes:

  • To get a natural looking tan on your skin
  • To prevent photo-sensitivity in individuals with an inherited condition of erythropoietic protoporphyria
  • To treat a skin disorder called vitiligo

Benefits of using melanin pills

Now that we know what melanin pills are used for, let’s have a look at their benefits:

  • They protect your skin from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. Sun exposure can lead to premature skin aging, and even skin cancer in some cases, which is produced when melanin levels decrease. How you withstand the harmful effects of the sun depends on the melanin amount in your skin.
  • Higher amounts of melanin in your skin make you look younger, as it protects your skin from showing signs of aging like wrinkles, rough texture and aging spots. So, taking melanin pills can actually make you look younger if you combine them with foods rich in melanin.
  • Free radicals are known to cause extensive damage to the human cells. Melanin is found to be effective in fighting against free radicals, thus preventing your skin from getting damaged due to them.
  • If you are already tanned during the summer, on a vacation or in a sunbed, you can add some extra bronze or golden glow to your tan with the help of melanin pills. Most suntans disappear within a couple of days. You can prolong their length with the use of these melanin pills as well.
  • Melanin pills are not only safe to take, but some of them also contain cartenoids which are often taken by people as a part of a healthy diet. Some melanin pills are also effective in improving eye health, enhancing immune function etc.

How melanin pills work

Melanin pills work by helping your skin produce more melanin naturally. You have to take these pills before going out in the sun for a recommended period of time. So, when you go out, you will produce more melanin with minimum exposure to the sun. You can even continue taking the pills after returning back home, so that your tan lasts longer.

What Are Melanin Pills - How melanin pills work

Possible side effects of melanin pills

Although there are several benefits of using melanin pills, they have a few side effects as well. Most importantly, having more melanin in your skin makes it susceptible to become more reactive to even a minor pimple, rash, scratch or inflammation. Even a light scratch can result in the production of more melanin, due to which you can be left with a dark patch or mark on your skin for long period of time. Other adverse effects also include discoloration of the palms, feet soles, stools etc.

The final thought

As a final word, melanin is a useful hormone that can actually make you look tanned and sensual. In addition to that, melanin pills offer a whole lot of other benefits as well. But besides that, there are certain side effects you should take into consideration.

So, whether you are willing to adjust with these side effects or not is solely dependent on your own personal choice. The side effects are not very serious, and they are not long lasting either. If you wish to come back home with a nice tan on your skin, go for melanin pills and show off. Make sure that the pills you are choosing are good quality only and prescribed by a qualified professional.

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