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How To Do A Facial Massage For Beard Growth

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. January 30, 2017
How To Do A Facial Massage For Beard Growth

Growing a thick, luscious beard is an in-thing these days. This gives you a masculine look, but growing a handsome beard and moustache is not always an easy thing to do. Most experts recommend doing a good massage to your face in order to grow a thicker, healthier facial hair quicker. Facial massage stimulates new hair growth on your face by improving circulation of blood through the hair follicles. Massage is one of the sure-shot ways of improving blood circulation on your face and getting a fuller, thicker beard in minimum time possible. This oneHOWTO article will show you how to do a facial massage for beard growth.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, lightly scrub a cleansing cream on your face to get rid of any oil and dirt from your skin. Then wipe off your face with a cotton pad or clean cloth. You may also wash your face with the facial cleanser as per your skin type and rinse thoroughly.

How To Do A Facial Massage For Beard Growth - Step 1

Deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells can be removed by moistening your skin using warm water and then scrubbing the face with a facial scrub with micro-beads. Gently massage the scrub on your face while avoiding delicate skin area around your eyes. Rinse with lukewarm water or wipe off with a clean cloth.


Hot steam is very effective in opening up your skin pores. If you have white or black heads, they can be removed with the help of taking a hot steam. Place a pot of boiling water on a table and lean over it. Cover your head using a towel so that all the steam remains within the towel and reaches your face. Take the steam for around 5 minutes.

How To Do A Facial Massage For Beard Growth - Step 3

Apply an instant mask, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then wash off. Choose the mask as per your skin type. If your skin is oily, choose a clay-based or an exfoliating mask. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing mask instead. Rinse the mask using warm water when it starts feeling dry and stiff. Steaming will open up your pores. Splash with cold water after that to close down the pores, so that dirt does not enter them. Use a soft towel to dab and dry your skin


Use a facial toner to remove excess oil from the skin and refresh it. Give special attention to your nose, chin and forehead. Skip this step if you have extremely dry skin, as it will make your facial skin even drier.


Moisturizing is an extremely important step after cleansing, steaming and toning of your face. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your face and massage it thoroughly until all the moisturizer gets absorbed completely. Start by giving a massage to your lymph area, as most of the toxins drain out through these areas only. Massage in circular motions for one minute, now sweep under your ears and move towards your throat and jaw line.


Use wide circular motions to massage the sides of your face along your jaw sides and corners of the mouth. Move towards your cheekbones and nostrils and keep massaging for one minute.

How To Do A Facial Massage For Beard Growth - Step 7

Finish off by massaging all the areas once more. The massage will leave your skin rejuvenated, fresh and bright, opening up your pores to make way for new facial hair to grow.

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How To Do A Facial Massage For Beard Growth