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How To Exfoliate Your Face

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 25, 2022
How To Exfoliate Your Face

Exfoliation is one of the important steps to maintaining a beauty routine that keeps us looking beautiful. And when it comes to our face, it is essential because it helps enhance our natural beauty and keep skin healthy. But not everyone knows which steps to follow, and that is why we at will explain how to exfoliate your face, step by step.

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Steps to follow:


Exfoliating your face is important for our skin since it eliminates the dead cells and makes our complexion smooth and glowing, as well as helping to minimize scars, blemishes and dark marks. After exfoliating your face, moisturizers and anti-ageing creams work much better and the skin looks healthier and more beautiful.

This is why it's a very important procedure to regenerate our facial skin, boosting its health and beauty.

How To Exfoliate Your Face - Step 1

The first step to exfoliate your face is to choose an exfoliating cream especially for your skin. You can also make homemade exfoliating masks. The important thing is not to use body scrubs on your face because they are made with larger grains or microbeads, which aren't appropriate for the delicate skin on your face.

Body scrubs could irritate or cause discomfort on your face, so it's convenient to follow this recommendation closely.

How To Exfoliate Your Face - Step 2

Before you exfoliate the skin, start by thoroughly cleansing your face. It is important that your face is free from impurities when it comes to exfoliating it. It is also always advisable to apply the scrub to damp skin; this way, the product will spread much better.


Apply the cream or mask to your face with gentle, circular movements. You do not need to apply pressure or force; this will only cause reddening of the skin. Instead, gentle movements are enough to remove the dead skin cells.

How To Exfoliate Your Face - Step 4

Movements should always be upwards and outwards from the center of the face towards the ears, which makes your skin firmer and more youthful.

Apply the scrub evenly across your whole face with the tips of your fingers. Take advantage of this beauty treatment by giving your skin a gentle, stimulating massage for one minute. It's not necessary to rub on the skin too much, as dead cells are easily removed with the grain of your chosen product.


Then, wash the product off with cold water. This way you will ensure that the pores close and your face looks much more beautiful. Afterwards, apply your face mask or moisturizing cream and you will see how your skin absorbs it almost immediately.

How To Exfoliate Your Face - Step 6

Exfoliate your face once a week; this way, you will always have bright and beautiful skin that looks squeaky clean. It will also feel smoother and, consequently, you'll be able to apply your makeup better.

Moreover, commercial face scrubs are easily found in your favorite shops, some natural options are very effective. In our article how to make homemade face scrubs, we give you some good alternatives to renew your skin in a simple and economical way.

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How To Exfoliate Your Face