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How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows with Coconut Oil

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How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows with Coconut Oil

Many women have plucked their eyebrows to get highly thin lines that the hair on their eyebrows no longer grows back by any means. If waxed or plucked frequently, hair on eyebrows eventually stops growing, creating those unsightly bald patches or even ending up with a one-hair line for an eyebrow.

If you want Cara Delevingne eyebrows, but you don't want to make your eyebrows look thicker with a brow liner or similar, then it's time to start growing them naturally. This is why at OneHowTo we'd like to show you how to grow thicker eyebrows with Coconut oil, an all-natural but safe trick that will help your brows grow back to their

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Among the many benefits of Coconut oil, one of its properties is that it promotes hair growth. But how? Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and K, making weak hair grow stronger and fuller. These properties will stimulate your eyebrow's hair follicles and help them remain moisturized throughout their growth. You should note that Coconut oil may also may your eyebrows grow darker.

If you want to grow thicker eyebrows with Coconut oil and get the most of its benefits, we advise you to choose cold-pressed or organic coconut oil, these will give much better results. However, you can also make homemade coconut oil if you prefer.


Before you apply the coconut oil, make sure you cleanse your face properly so it's free of impurities, dirt and makeup, making sure it is completely clean. It's best to do this after you have had a shower.

Pat your face dry with a towel.


The first step to apply the coconut oil for eyebrow hair growth is to get hold of a Q-tip or cotton bud and dab it in your coconut oil pot lightly. Comb it in to your eyelashes making sure you follow the direction of the hair growth, i.e. from the root of the hair outwards.


Add some more coconut oil at the top and bottom of your current eyebrow line. Make sure you follow your natural eyebrow shape to make sure the hairs keep growing in this shape.

Once you're done you should let it stand so your skin can absorb it properly. Apply the coconut oil at night and rinse your face in the morning with lukewarm water.


You should repeat this process twice a day to notice the effects. Though it may be a slow process, it will take several weeks to notice some change, but with time you'll see how more hairs grown in the area in two months time.

You can also use this trick to boost eyelash growth, just make sure none of the oil goes into your eyes, though you should apply it as close to the root of the eyebrows as possible, so be careful!

If you like, you can also learn how to grow thicker eyebrows with Vaseline too and combine both tips!


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Well i agree with this article but i personally use my hands and i barely have eyebrows and this is really improved my growth in my eyebrows so if are trying to grow your eyebrows i advise to look at this article

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How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows with Coconut Oil
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How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows with Coconut Oil