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Common mistakes when plucking your eyebrows

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Common mistakes when plucking your eyebrows

Getting perfectly plucked eyebrows is not a simple task, so many women head to the salon to keep them looking good. Poorly defined eyebrows do not enhance the beauty of the eyes or facial features and instead do the the opposite, because for example eyebrows that are too thin will age the look of your face, and eyebrows that are too arched modify its natural expressiveness. If you're daring enough to tweeze your eyebrows yourself, we recommend that before you start you consider the advice in this OneHowTo article. We reveal what the common mistakes are when plucking eyebrows so you can avoid them and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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Steps to follow:


Using old tweezers. This is a very common mistake when plucking eyebrows, as it affects the final result and can also be damaging to the skin in that area. To be able to pluck quickly and remove the most stubborn hairs, it is essential that you use fairly new, good quality tweezers. Also, to avoid irritation, we recommend cleaning them just before and after with some isopropyl alcohol.

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Very frequent plucking. Don't make the mistake of plucking your eyebrows every day, since it is likely that you will end up removing hairs that are essential to maintaining a beautiful and flattering shape for your face. It is best to let the hair grow and pluck once every two or three weeks, so the result will be much better.


Excessive separation. Plucking the sides of your eyebrows too much will result in a very unnatural look and it won't enhance the beauty of your facial features. Note that when we remove more hairs from the start of the eyebrows, your eyes appear farther apart and your nose more prominent. The same applies if you over pluck the edge of your eyebrows as your eyes will appear droopy.


An arch that is too steep. This is one of the worst errors when plucking eyebrows as shaping them and leaving a very pronounced arch will not make your facial expression attractive and will modify your natural beauty. Therefore, we recommend that you make changes but keep as much as possible the original shape of the eyebrows.


Against the grain. If you don't want those unsightly black dots because the hairs were not removed correctly from the root, we recommend plucking your eyebrows always following the direction of hair growth.

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Common mistakes when plucking your eyebrows