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How to Decorate Cowboy Boots

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Decorate Cowboy Boots
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Have you seen the decorated cowboy boots trend lately? You can basically transform boring, androgynous cowboy boots into super fun, super girly boots by decorating your own cowboy boots. So, if you are wondering what to do with old cowboy boots, here we have the answer for you, and we will give you lots of cowboy boot decoration ideas. So, take out your old cowboy boots because today at OneHowTo we will teach you how to decorate cowboy boots easily and cheaply.

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How to decorate cowboy boots: romantic scarf

You can simply decorate your own cowboy boots with a stripe of your preferred fabric, we recommend pink or lace for a romantic contrast. Lay the fabric around the cowboy boot, cut it according to the boot width, make a hole at the one and sew a button on the other end, secure it, that's it! You could even make it easier by just making a cute bow instead of using the button. This is the easiest way to decorate cowboy boots.

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How to decorate cowboy boots: cut out stencils

For this cowboy boot decoration idea, you will need to make a stencil following our tutorial. It can be a star, one or more geometrical shapes etc. Then, you will need an exacto knife to slowly and carefully cut out the stencil shape from you boot. Use a comfortable wooden table. Here you go, you know what to do with old cowboy boots to put them back in fashion!

How to Decorate Cowboy Boots -
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How to decorate cowboy boots: the boho boots

This is a cowboy boot decoration idea that is perfect if you want to dress boho in winter. The decoration looks very intricate but it is sooo easy to make. Just follow our tutorial:

You will need

  • leather scissors (optional)
  • fabric glue
  • belts, laces, feathers, chains, pendants (choose the decorations you like)


  • If you want to transform high boots into ankle boots, cut the boots at the back, exactly in the middle, and fold the leather to transform it into ankle boots
  • cut long strips of your preferred fabric and laces, long enough to go around the boots
  • Fill the cowboy boot with paper to keep it full, as if you were wearing it
  • Tie a large belt at the bottom of the boot, and smaller ones further up.
  • Glue lace and fabrics underneath the belts. Cut excess fabric
  • Then go on and glue parts of the belts to the boot, they will be more stable
  • You can add chains, pendants, tie a small ribbon around the decoration
  • Remember to use very little glue
  • Let your boho decorated cowboy boots dry for 48 hours

This is the most fashionable way to decorate cowboy boots. And it also looks very complicated!

How to Decorate Cowboy Boots -
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How to decorate cowboy boots: glitter boots

This is the fanciest way to decorate your own cowboy boots. Here is how to decorate cowboy boots with glitter:

You will need

  • jewel glue
  • glitters
  • painters tape
  • a brush


  • clean your cowboy boots
  • define the are you want to paint with glitter by using painters tape
  • mix glitter and jewel glue in a bowl and mix well
  • paint the boots with the mixure
  • wait 10 minutes then paint again
  • let dry overnight

Here you go, you have decorated old cowboy boots!

Now that you know how to decorate cowboy boots, you can make your old boots look new and trendy!

How to Decorate Cowboy Boots -
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How to Decorate Cowboy Boots