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How To Wear Blue Boots

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Wear Blue Boots
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Blue is in fashion. We have seen this colour dominate the catwalk in a variety of different items such as bags, trousers and shoes. Now, the new trend is blue boots, a daring style of footwear that works just as well for the office as it does for a party.

At OneHowTo.com we'll show you how to wear blue boots so that you could be a trend-setter.

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  1. Trousers and blue boots
  2. Skirts and dresses
  3. Bags to wear with blue boots
  4. The best look to wear with blue boots

Trousers and blue boots

The ideal garment to wear with blue boots is jeans, and skinny jeans in particular make a great pairing with blue boots. Another option is to match them with trousers in a different shade of blue to add a casual, urban touch to your style. White or cream trousers are also ideal to wear for work or as an informal, yet elegant option.

If you want to wear blue boots with an outfit for an evening party, black trousers also go well with these boots; however, bear in mind that the combination of blue and black can turn your outfit into the rock look.

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How To Wear Blue Boots - Trousers and blue boots
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Skirts and dresses

Another way to learn how to wear blue boots is to match them with a light-coloured dress. The shades that work best are light colours like beige, nude or off-white, all of which look great with blue boots. It's best to rock bare legs or, if it's cold, wear some flesh coloured tights. This look is romantic and very feminine.

You can also wear blue boots with a navy or sailor style blue-and-white-striped, or even just plain white, dress or skirt; perfect to wear during winter mornings.

How To Wear Blue Boots - Skirts and dresses
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Bags to wear with blue boots

To create a look with blue boots, the ideal is a brown leather bag. This tone blends perfectly with blue boots and adds an urban, casual feel to your outfit.

If you've chosen a look that's mainly light colours, we recommend that you match the bag to your boots to break up the pale colour scheme with a flash of the blue colour that's so fashionable right now.

Other colours of bag that go well with blue boots are grey, white or the on-trend purple.

How To Wear Blue Boots - Bags to wear with blue boots
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The best look to wear with blue boots

Of all the ways you can wear blue boots, the most fashionable of all is to combine them with jeans, whether with skinny jeans, a denim skirt, shorts, denim jackets or waistcoats.

Denim clothing is the best option when creating a look with blue boots because the colours blend perfectly and the result is informal yet elegant. Try it!

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How To Wear Blue Boots - The best look to wear with blue boots
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Image: elmundofemenino.wordpress.com
Image: yahoraquehare.blogspot.com
Image: es.trendtation.com
Image: yahoraquehare.blogspot.com
Image: www.unicas.pe
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How To Wear Blue Boots