How to Get Deepika Padukone's Look in Chennai Express

How to Get Deepika Padukone's Look in Chennai Express

To get Deepika Padukone's look in Chennai Express, wear South Indian girl's outfits, jhumas, nose stud, and colorful bangles. Style you hair in simple side braids or leave your mane loose.

A few years have passed since the release of Chennai Express but, like other Deepika styles such as the ones in cocktail and Piku, the Chennai Express look is evergreen. Deepika plays Meenamma Lochni in the movie, a very girl-next-door Tamil character. Deepika's look in Chennai Express is stunning but easy to reproduce because she wears nothing common women could not wear in their everyday life. Deepika dresses in Chennai Express are very much faithful to how a traditional Tamil girl would dress. Deepika hairstyle in Chennai Express is also incredibly easy to reproduce, while Deepika Padukone makeup is a bit more sophisticated. If, like us, you enjoyed the movie, follow this oneHOWTO tutorial on how to get Deepika Padukone look in Chennai Express.

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Steps to follow:

How to dress like Deepika in Chennai Express: the first thing to know about Deepika Padukone look in Chennai Express is that it is very "thematic". Throughout the movie, Deepika costumes are those of a common Tamil girl, there are no crazy outfits. This is however good news for those of us who want to reproduce Deepika Padukone look in Chennai Express. It is easy. The secret lies in the color combinations. Designer Manish Malhotra smartly played with Pattu Pavdai, the famous Chennai raw silk, to create contrast and shine. The outfits are mainly half sarees, so, to reproduce Deepika Padukone look in Chennai Express you should get a few colorful Pattu Pavdai half sarees. Let's now see in more details the style of Deepika Padukone saree in Chennai Express.


Deepika Padukone saree in Chennai Express: to copy Deepika Padukone style in Chennai Express, get lots of colourful Pattu Pavdai half sarees with bright palette. The colors Deepika wears range from bright yellow to navy, to pinky. However, she also wears a simple white cotton saree with green pallu and red blouse, so you don't necessarily have to wear the entire rainbow in every outfit. In fact, she also wears plain sarees with contrast blouse in the movie. Most of the sarees have zari borders. Examples of Deepika Padukone saree in Chennai Express include:

  • light blue blouse with deep orange saree
  • navy blue saree with bright pink blouse
  • icy net saree with light blue blouse and yellow borders
  • pink skirt with white blouse

Deepika Padukone Chennai Express bridal look: among Deepika Padukone costumes in Chennai Express, her bridal outfit became famous, like the bridal outfit of Alia Bhatt in 2 States. She wears a fantastic traditional golden-red Kanjeevaram silk sari with a big bun full of flowers, a maang tikaa and gold jewellery. A sophisticated style that is also easy to reproduce. Let's now see more elements of Deepika Padukone look in Chennai Express.


Deepika Padukone Chennai Express accessories: being a traditional Tamil girl, Deepika Padukone wears lots of golden jhumkas and other golden coin jewellery in Chennai Express. However, what is really eye-catching is her use of bangles throughout the movie. She manages to match the bangles with the saree while still adding lots of colors in the bangles shades. So, bangles in lots of different colors are a must of you want to reproduce Deepika Padukone look in Chennai Express. Moreover, she often wears beautiful gajra and medium sized round bindi to match her saree: red, brown, blue, black... To reproduce the look, get lots of jasmine flowers, bangles, jhumkas and bindi in different colors.

Let's now see Deepika Padukone hairstyle in Chennai Express.


Deepika hairstyle in Chennai Express: her hairstyle is again quite natural and easy to reproduce. She often wears a simple side braid, or a loose mane with a few waves. Her hair is parted in the middle. To reproduce the look, leave you hair to dry in the sun and style it with a matte spray. However, the hairstyle that really stands out in Chennai Express is Deepika Padukone's big bun full of jasmine flowers. You can use a juda to style your hair and then add gajra.

Now, the final step to get Deepika Padukone Chennai Express look.


Deepika Padukone makeup in Chennai Express: this step is all about Deepika Padukone eye makeup in Chennai Express. She wears very light eyeshadow, sometimes it is light brown, other times it is pastel pink, depending on the saree she is wearing. The signature of her style is the upper lash line. It is thick with a slight upwards pointy ending. She wears a lot of mascara, but on her upper lashes only. The lips are rosy, and again quite natural. The eyebrows should be thick, dark and shaped with a brows pencil.

Try Deepika Padukone look Chennai Express and let us know how it went!

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How to Get Deepika Padukone's Look in Chennai Express
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How to Get Deepika Padukone's Look in Chennai Express
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