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How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 16, 2021
How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes

Old is fashionable! The vintage look is always bringing back the style of our grandmothers and incorporating them into current trends; mixing denim jackets or men's shoes with slim-fit jeans bought in thrift shops and charities, where you'll find reasonably priced items with an added value to them. Get your authentic vintage clothing and combine them with the latest trends as you prefer.

At oneHOWTO we show you how to get a vintage look for women and join this fashion that is so popular nowadays. Hop on the vintage bandwagon!


  1. Printed Clothing
  2. Use waist coats
  3. Vintage necklaces
  4. The use of hair accessories
  5. Color combination
  6. Lace garments
  7. Shoes
  8. The importance of accessories
  9. Choose the vintage period wisely

Printed Clothing

One of the tips of vintage fashion is wearing garments with all types of printing, which will reminisce a different era:

  • Floral prints: Victoria era and the 60s.
  • Animal prints: The 80s and punk style.
  • Vertical stripes: The 1950s and 60s, Twiggy style.
  • Tartan print: 1940S and 50s pin-up style or 1970s Vivienne Westwood punk era.
  • Houndstooth print: 1920s and 30s Channel style.

Ideally, combine this garment with something more contemporary items for a current and fashionable vintage style such as booties a Borsalino etc...

How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Printed Clothing

Use waist coats

It is one of the most in accessories in current fashion and ideal for achieving a vintage look.

Choose from different types of waist coat to suit your vintage look best:

  • Faux leather waistcoat: The leather waistcoat is a staple for the motard trend that was perfect for 1970s metalheads. Wear with an oversized t-shirt for the full effect.
  • Fringed waistcoat: Add a typical 60s waistcoat to your outfit that will give your image a vintage look that's very sweet.
  • Velvet waistcoat: For a very bohemian style, this will give your outfit a touch of color. We recommend you wear it with a flared shirt.
  • Denim waistcoat: Another timeless classic that gets its origin from the eclectic 80s. Better worn open, you can wear any type of pattern underneath it. Moreover, add some pins or iron some pads for a very Punky Brewster-like 90s look.
  • Black waistcoat: Go for the emasculated Diane Keaton 70s look from Woody Allen's films. Wear buttoned up with a shirt beneath it.
  • Knitted waistcoat: Very granny-like, the knitted waistcoat can be the perfect addition if you can combine it with a white shirt for an ultra-feminine look.
How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Use waist coats

Vintage necklaces

If you want to know how to get a vintage look you should certainly pay attention to small details and accessories for your outfit; in this case, the use of pearls is essential to achieve a vintage look.

The popular choker can actually work as a pretty vintage accessory too, especially if you get one with a Victorian era brooch on it.

How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Vintage necklaces
Image: arreglosytrucos.com

The use of hair accessories

To complete your vintage look we can't continue without mentioning your hair. It's not only the hairstyle you choose that will give you a perfectly vintage groove, but what you add to it that will make you look spot on. Let's take a look at the most common.

  • Vintage hats: We advise you to go for the Borsalino for the hippy look, a beret for a more Parisian chic look, or the boater at for a pretty naive style.
  • Flowers: It's not only the fabric that can enjoy the delights of flowers for your vintage look, adding an embellishment with the shape of a flower or a flower crown will give you an ultra-feminine, 40s style or even a more hippie boho-chic look.
  • Bows: For a sweet pin-up style, tie your hair up and use a piece of fabric to create a bow.
  • Head scarves: It is one of the most stylish accessories that you can include in your vintage look as the use of headscarves adds an air reminiscent of the great divas of Hollywood of the early twentieth century.
  • Headbands: If you want to create a beautiful Brigitte Bardot style for your vintage look, add a wide headband and put it over your ears. Classy and easy.
How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - The use of hair accessories

Color combination

The color scheme that you must choose for your vintage clothing should focus on pastel and light colors: green, blue, pink or brown tones are ideal for achieving a vintage look and looking fashionable.

How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Color combination

Lace garments

Traditional lace garments worn by grandmothers, one again take centre stage in the vintage look and you cannot dress fashionably if you don't have a lace dress, jacket or lace trousers in your wardrobe.

How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Lace garments
Image: www.trendencias.com


You will want to look vintage from head to toe, which is why we offer you a selection of the most iconic footwear you han choose from to nail this style:

  • Ballet flats: If you're looking for a chic Audrey Hepburn style, there's nothing better than to combine your mom jeans with some simple ballet flats. Though it may seem basic, the truth is that it will give you the perfect vintage look.
  • Vintage sneakers: Combine iconic sneaker designs such as the Converse all stars with your vintage look to seem even more authentic.
  • Male shoes: Another typical thing to do to is to wear traditional men's shoes but adapted for females; and to achieve a vintage look wear a man's shoe such as Oxfords, Dr.Martens or loafers and combine with vintage clothes that create a fashionable and very sensual look. Take a look at how to wear men's shoes for women.
How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Shoes

The importance of accessories

To achieve a vintage look pay particular attention to other accessories that will get your style on point. One of the most current are big glasses occupying most of the face.

However, the handbag you use will also make a difference. Out of all the types of bag, the ones that give the most vintage look are crossed over messenger bags and small monochrome crossbody bags, that will look gorgeous if you have a good eye when it comes to styling your look.

How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - The importance of accessories
Image: blog.4estilos.com

Choose the vintage period wisely

One of the most iconic vintage looks is the pin-up look. This characteristic 1940's style captivates women around the world and is not only a fashion but also a way of life. Wear tight-waisted dresses that enhance your bosom that emphasize your hips, create beautiful waves in your hair such as these examples of 1940s style pin-up hair and add some eyeliner and red lipstick to create your pin-up girl look.

However, each year a new vintage fashion comes around, from hippy style to grunge, 90s pop culture, heavy metal style, Victorian flares... This is why, if you want to get a vintage look no matter the era you want to mimic, you should take a look at both original clothes from that period of time and try to adapt them as much as you can to the latest fashion so that you don't look either outdated or just a simple imitation.

How to Get a Vintage Look - Tips for Women's Vintage Clothes - Choose the vintage period wisely

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