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How to Look Like Zendaya: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Look Like Zendaya: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips
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Have you noticed that most fashion magazines and websites are all about Zendaya? Although she's very young - born in 1996 - the American actress and singer Zendaya Coleman has grown from her Shake It Up days into a trend-setter and model, and now she's one of the biggest style icons in the world.

Zendaya is known for her bold and adventurous style, ever-changing hairstyles as well as for being brave and outspoken. Even though she occasionally pays homage to stars like Josephine Baker, Cher or David Bowie in her most glamorous looks, her style is very much her own.

Stay with us at oneHOWTO to learn how to look like Zendaya with our makeup, hair and outfit tips.

  1. How to do your makeup like Zendaya
  2. How to wear your hair like Zendaya
  3. How to dress like Zendaya: Outfit tips

How to do your makeup like Zendaya

If you naturally look like Zendaya - or like Beyoncé, because in some pictures they look like they could be sisters - congratulations, most of your job is done. If you have thin eyebrows or flat cheekbones, however, you'll have to exaggerate the makeup a bit more. Don't worry, though - doing your makeup like Zendaya is much easier than it looks.

  • Foundation and bronzer: Zendaya has beautiful and smooth bronze skin, which you can achieve by following a skincare routine that includes exfoliating gently once a week and plenty of moisturizer.To make the most of her dramatic features, Zendaya uses plenty of well-blended foundation. It's very important to know how to choose the right foundation for your skin color and type, since otherwise it can create a mask-like effect. Then, give your skin a healthy glow like Zendaya's with strobe makeup, applying highlighter above your cheekbones and brows. Finish it off with golden bronzer and a bit of peach or rose blush.
  • Eyes and eyebrows: Zendaya's most characteristic and unchanging feature is her thick, dark and well-defined eyebrows. Don't mimic Zendaya's eyebrows by plucking or painting them if you have a different facial structure; instead, fill in your natural eyebrows and set them with makeup, creating a natural arch. You can check out this article on how to get Cara Delevingne eyebrows for inspiration.Zendaya almost always wears dramatic black eyeliner in a sharp cat's eye shape and lots of black mascara to match her eyebrows. She often wears brown, bronze or golden eye smoky shadow, although she has also worn navy blue makeup.
  • Lips: Zendaya wears very bold lipstick - except for when she doesn't wear any lipstick at all. To get Zendaya's look you can go the casual way and wear nude or no lipstick, or you can go the full way and try red, bright orange, burgundy or dark brown lipstick. A tip: Zendaya's lipstick is usually matte, not shiny.
How to Look Like Zendaya: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - How to do your makeup like Zendaya

How to wear your hair like Zendaya

The most obvious way to look like Zendaya is to wear your hair like hers - except that Zendaya wears her hair differently every day. Really, if Rihanna is into trying new looks Zendaya gives her a run for her money. The only common element in Zendaya's hairstyles is the color, usually dark brown.

Over the last four years, Zendaya has worn the following hairstyles:

  • Perfectly straight and very long hair.
  • Sleek long ponytail, worn very high or at the nape.
  • Curly with a wet effect.
  • Permed into curls.
  • Dreadlocks - she got a Barbie made after her image in her iconic 2015 Oscars look!
  • Twin plaits.
  • Cornrows.
  • Bowl cut.
  • Faux bobs.
  • 1920s-inspired slick curls and vintage roller curls.

And how has she managed to try all these different looks? Easy - Zendaya often wears wigs to events. If you can't afford to get a new wig every time you go out, you can still look like Zendaya by choosing your favorite hairstyle and sticking to it. However, make sure you choose a style that fits your features!

How to Look Like Zendaya: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - How to wear your hair like Zendaya

How to dress like Zendaya: Outfit tips

Zendaya's casual street style is quite tomboyish, and she often wears light sweatpants and t-shirts. Dressing like Zendaya is easy and affordable, isn't it?

However, getting Zendaya's red carpet looks is a very different matter. Zendaya loves wearing sophisticated suits and gowns, and they're often made from shiny materials like satin, velvet and even plastic. In order to dress like Zendaya we recommend going for a monochrome look, ideally red, and finishing it off with a pair of pointy high heel shoes.

Zendaya's style is both futuristic, with metallic tones, mirrored surfaces and sharp lines, and retro, with nineties-inspired pieces like chokers, crop tops and bralettes. Her more traditionally feminine looks are always given an edgy touch with black fabric, daring patterns or materials like leather.

If Zendaya's day looks seem too informal and her night outfits too sophisticated for your workaday life, you're in luck. A couple of years ago Zendaya launched her own clothing line, Daya, and she's made sure to include gender-neutral clothes to fit all body types and sizes. These clothes are also sophisticated and ideal to create monochrome looks with pieces like jumpsuits, and they are quite affordable for a celebrity line.

How to Look Like Zendaya: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - How to dress like Zendaya: Outfit tips

These are our makeup, hair and outfit tips on how to look like Zendaya. What is your favorite Zendaya look? Do you have any tips to get her style? Tell us in the comments section!

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How to Look Like Zendaya: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips