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How to Look Like Gigi Hadid: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Look Like Gigi Hadid: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips

Gigi Hadid is one of the most successful models and celebrities today, and it's no surprise, as she has been modeling since she was an infant. Her siblings - including the also super successful Bella Hadid! - and mother are also models, and Gigi can combine high fashion with Victoria's Secret shows like the best of them.

Off the runway, Gigi Hadid is famous for her Californian look and casual streetwear, and her style is sophisticated and sporty at once. After all, she's really athletic, as she's an avid horse rider, volleyball player and her workout of choice is boxing.

Stay with us at oneHOWTO and learn how to look like Gigi Hadid with our makeup, hair and outfit tips. Read on!


  1. How to do your makeup like Gigi Hadid
  2. How to wear your hair like Gigi Hadid
  3. How to dress like Gigi Hadid

How to do your makeup like Gigi Hadid

The first step to look like Gigi Hadid is to shape your face like hers with makeup. Gigi Hadid is quite young, and she prefers to keep her look natural to show off her glowing skin and freckles. Even if in the world of style "natural" doesn't mean "makeup-less", you can still get flawless skin and look great without makeup.

Since Gigi Hadid's features are quite open and wide, her makeup artists prefer to focus on either her blue-green eyes or her lips, but not on the two traits at once. If you want to know how to do your makeup like Gigi Hadid you should do the same and concentrate on creating a healthy, natural glow.

  • Skin: Gigi Hadid's face always looks well-scrubbed and flawless. In order to get skin like Hadid's, always remove your makeup before going to sleep, follow a healthy diet - although you don't have to give up burgers, as she argues - and use repairing and moisturizing lotions.
  • Foundation: In order to do your makeup like Gigi Hadid, choose a light foundation to get an airbrushed effect, but do not cover up your freckles or so-called imperfections. Hadid does use some concealer, but her biggest trick is to mix some illuminator with her base foundation to bring light to her face. Here you can learn how to do strobe makeup to get a similar effect. Finally, finish off your face with some light powder blush in a golden or peachy shade.
  • Eyes: Gigi Hadid doesn't wear much eye makeup on a daily basis, but for parties and events she uses nude and brown eyeshadow to give depth and fullness to her beautiful light eyes. She also uses an eyelash curler and plenty of volume-enhancing mascara.
  • Eyebrows: She has said that she never shapes her eyebrows, but if that is true then she is extremely lucky, as Gigi Hadid's eyebrows are naturally separate and arched. If you want to get Gigi Hadid's eyebrows, we recommend keeping them clean and well-brushed outwards. Discover here the best tips for perfect eyebrows.

While Gigi Hadid's look is very natural, for events she turns it up. On the runway and shows, Gigi Hadid wears bronzer and some contouring, as well as clear brow makeup to frame her face. On occasion, she also wears liquid eyeliner or more dramatic eyeshadow colors.

How to Look Like Gigi Hadid: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - How to do your makeup like Gigi Hadid

How to wear your hair like Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid's hair is her most Californian feature. The American model is known for her very long and healthy beach waves, in a beautiful ash blond color enhanced with balayage highlights, which you can do at home.

You can follow Gigi Hadid's hair routine by not washing your hair every day in order to preserve its health and natural gloss. She also uses serums for extra nourishment and sprays it with salt water to give it a texture boost. If you need to deep-nourish your hair in order to look like Gigi Hadid, we recommend using papaya, banana or avocado hair masks. They're perfectly natural and easy to make!

She has different signature hairstyles. This is how to wear your hair like Gigi Hadid:

  • Beach waves: Gigi Hadid usually shows off her long locks by wearing them loose and wavy. She either parts her hair in the middle or wears a deep side part, as in the nineties.
  • Ponytail: Gigi Hadid's ponytail is particularly well done. She gets a perfect ponytail by smoothing her baby hairs back by adding some hairspray to a small brush or toothbrush, and adds the final touch with colorful hair ties.
  • Messy bun: Perfect for streetwear, to get a messy bun like Gigi Hadid simply make the ponytail as above and twist and tie the hair around.
  • Braid: Gigi Hadid has worn amazingly long and voluminous plaids to award shows. She wears them as side braids or down her back, and she always teases her hair for volume. Her hairstyle for the 2016 Much Music Video Awards was just stunning, although she probably needed extensions.
How to Look Like Gigi Hadid: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - How to wear your hair like Gigi Hadid

How to dress like Gigi Hadid

Much like in the case of her BFF Kendall Jenner, you can look like Gigi Hadid by wearing minimalist and comfortable outfits - great! Since Hadid loves sports and working out, it makes sense that her style is so athletic. She prefers to wear tops and leggings rather than dresses or skirts.

She doesn't wear many patterns, preferring plain neutral colors such as white, black, gray, beige, dark green or navy blue.

  • Tops: Gigi Hadid often wears t-shirts, from workout-inspired crop tops and band t-shirts to more sophisticated blouses. Her tops are usually quite tight, and she gets volume and structure for her outfits from other pieces.
  • Bottoms: Gigi Hadid's signature look includes black leggings, from workout leggings made by sports brands to leather leggings. When she wears trousers, they're slim or boyfriend ragged jeans, rolled up to show her ankles.
  • Shoes: Of course, Gigi Hadid almost always wears sneakers or tennis shoes, from white to bold and colorful. In fact, her shoes are often the brightest piece in her outfit. For more dressy occasions, she often wears booties or men's shoes like loafers or Oxfords.
  • Jackets and coats: As streetwear, Gigi Hadid wears leather or bomber jackets, often oversized - many pictures show her with her jackets tied around her shoulders stylishly. As more formal wear, she wears long, sophisticated coats in clean lines.

Her outfits for events are usually stunning and sophisticated, but not particularly surprising or experimental unlike Rihanna's looks, for instance. In important occasions, Gigi Hadid wears stylish pantsuits instead of dresses, often in bolder colors like gold or red. She also tends to choose tops with wide, deep cleavages.

How to Look Like Gigi Hadid: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - How to dress like Gigi Hadid

This is how to look like Gigi Hadid with our makeup, hair and outfit tips. What is your favorite look by her? What do you do to look like Gigi Hadid? Tell us in the comments section!

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How to Look Like Gigi Hadid: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips