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How to Look Like Ariana Grande: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Look Like Ariana Grande: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop icons of the year, and her playful but sophisticated style is instantly recognizable. This young pop and R&B star is known for her incredible voice, activism for a wide range of social causes and spot-on impressions, but also for her signature ponytail and 60s-inspired big eyes.

Do you want to get Ariana's look? In this OneHowTo article we'll go over the makeup, hair and outfit tips you need to know how to look like Ariana Grande. You can take inspiration from her show looks for a party, and her street style is effortless and casual. There's an Ariana look for every occasion!

Steps to follow:


How to do your makeup like Ariana Grande:

Much like Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande has a quite natural look; she only goes heavy on the eye makeup. To look like Ariana Grande, you'll need subtle, nude makeup shades to help you look awake and dewy. However, having a natural look doesn't mean she doesn't do contour.

It's always recommendable to drink lots of water and to not wear makeup every day to let the skin breathe.

  • Skin: Ariana Grande has tanned, well-hydrated skin. She's prone to eye circles, which she hides until well-blended concealer. To get skin like hers, use some tinted moisturizer and put some concealer under your eyes, tapping it with your fingers to set it well. Brush some bronzer on the bridge of your nose and cheekbones, and finish it up with a little bit of blush that fits your skin tone. These products can make your skin look quite matte and dull, so we recommend applying some strobe highlighter above the brow bone.
  • Eyebrows: Unlike many other celebrities like Cara Delevigne or the Kardashians, Ariana Grande does not have thick, filled-in eyebrows. She does brush and care for her eyebrows well, but she does not wear any makeup on them and they look natural and wispy.
  • Eyes: Ariana Grande's big eyes are one of her best-known traits. To get eyes like Ariana's, apply some primer to your eyelids and then eyeshadow in sunset shades. Ariana Grande wears colors like gold, rose, orange and champagne; they work perfectly with her brown eyes, but luckily they also work well for people with green and blue eyes. After the main color, apply some darker brown eyeshadow on your crease and a lighter pigment below the brow bone. Once you have the eyeshadow, make a thick cat's eye with black gel eyeliner. It should look polished; if you make any mistakes you can easily fix them with a q-tip. Then, paint your lower line with a black pencil. Finally, apply lots of mascara. Ariana Grande has very long eyelashes, but they're not very thick, so false lashes will probably not work.
  • Lips: Like most pop icons from the 60s, Ariana Grande wears pale and subdued lip makeup. Try pink lip gloss or pale bubblegum pink lipstick. However, she does wear bright red and even loud purple lipstick from time to time.
  • Nails: To finish up your Ariana Grande look, paint your nails with very pale or even white nail polish.
  • Others: On occasion, Ariana Grande wears skin jewelry, tiny sparkling gems that can be applied with false eyelash glue. She also has small tattoos that you can mimic with temporary ones.
How to Look Like Ariana Grande: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - Step 1

How to wear your hair like Ariana Grande:

Every blog and website that discusses Ariana Grande's style starts by mentioning her famous ponytail. Her hair is very long and big, and it has a beautiful dark brown color - although sometimes she wears it lighter, with golden ombré or a more subtle golden balayage.

To make Ariana Grande's hairstyles, you'll probably need extensions. She wears her hair both straight and curly, so you can adapt your own hair texture. The most important thing is to get volume; if your hair is perfectly straight, you can use big hot rollers or make barrel curls with a curling wand. If your hair is extremely curly, you can straighten it or focus on creating the hairstyle.

  • Ariana Grande's half-updo: One of her most iconic hairstyles is a specially big half ponytail. You can make it by pulling the top section of your hair back into a high ponytail or by creating a deep side part, pulling the hair in front over and across your forehead.Lately she has worn a variation of this hairstyle, substituting the ponytail by twin space buns. To make Ariana Grande's buns, make high twin ponytails and twist the hair around, pinning it with ponytails. You don't need to braid it.
  • Ariana Grande's ponytail: Make her impressive ponytail by pulling your hair back tightly and slicking away any frizz. Cover the tie with a strand of your own hair or an extension, wrapping it around.

In 2016, Ariana wore straight and very voluminous bangs. To get a fringe like hers, tease it up by backcombing it and let the strands at each side of the fringe grow longer.

How to Look Like Ariana Grande: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - Step 2

How to dress like Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande's style is based on the A-line dresses of the R&B and doo wop stars of the sixties and the street style of the nineties. Her looks could be described as cute and ladylike but casual, with some kitsch accessories - like the famous cat ears - from time to time.

Her outfits are usually quite simple and sleek, with no loud colors; more often than not Ariana wears black, white, beige or pale pink, blue or lavender. She does play with interesting textures, wearing materials like velvet, satin, faux fur, plastic, metal, PVC or sequins.

In the street, Ariana Grande usually wears:

  • Crop tops, often black, made with lace, angora, or velvet. If that's out of your budget, you can wear cotton or knit crop tops. She wears both bustier and turtleneck tops.
  • Big hoodies, usually plain or with letters.
  • Plaid shirts or tunics. Interestingly, she's often seen with them wrapped around her waist, not actually wearing them.
  • Satin bomber jackets, sometimes with embroidery.
  • High-waisted shorts or mom and boyfriend jeans, often distressed.
  • Black or gray leggings.
  • Knee-high boots.
  • White tennis shoes, like Keds.

For awards or shows, Ariana Grande wears:

  • Cut-out tops, also often black.
  • Cocktail or A-line dresses: Floral or with geometric patterns.
  • High-waisted dress pants, usually of the black satin kind.
  • Black jumpsuits.
  • Black blazers.
  • High heels or pumps in neutral colors.

You can accessorize like Ariana Grande with pearl or diamond - or substitute - earrings. If you're going for a more casual look, wear a black ribbon choker. She also wears a baseball cap with her ponytail peeking out. And, of course, if you're going to a party you can wear her famous cat or rabbit ears.

How to Look Like Ariana Grande: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips - Step 3

This is how to look like Ariana Grande! We hope our makeup, hair and outfit tips have been useful. Do you have a favorite Ariana look, or any tips or questions? Tell us all in the comments section!

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How to Look Like Ariana Grande: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Tips