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What is A Pin-Up Girl

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 10, 2017
What is A Pin-Up Girl

The pin-up is a suggestive and provocative, sexy style that comes from photographic and artistic style of the same name. Though pin-up girls have existed since the late nineteenth century, what is known as a pin-up girl nowadays is the imitation of the style of the mid 1940's pictures of seductive women, drawn during WWII that depicted idealized women. Today the style of those models who posed for photographs has become a widespread fashion. At oneHOWTO we show you what a pin-up girl is and what their iconic clothing is like.

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Steps to follow:


Pin-up girls stand out for their provocative, forties and fifties style. Remember it is very suggestive, verging on erotic but without overdoing it.

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What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 1

Normally the pin-up is known for wearing tight dresses. Usually these are over-the-knee dresses that highlight the breasts (a corset that enhances your figure goes well with them). They also tend to emphasize their hips with dresses and corsets.

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What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 2

As for the hairstyle, theirs is well-groomed and curled, echoing the fifties. Normally their hair is styled with large curls and is very wavy, a la Betty Page with a straight and short fringe. Also, they decorate their hair with various accessories, such as scarves, brooches, etc. A big bow is also typical of the pin-up style. There are many ways and styles, so we suggest you take a look at our article on how to do 1940s pin-up hairstyles.

What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 3

On the other hand, they have characteristically pale skin and heavy makeup. But this makeup should be subtle. Pin-up girls take great care of their skin because the origins of modelling came from this style. They use light colors to give them a touch of pale but without being excessive. For a step by step guide, take a look at our tutorial on how to do pin up makeup.

What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 4
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An important element in the pin-up style is the eyes, because they are fundamental to the game of seduction. Typically they use eye-liners and very thick black stripe to line the eyes and extend them from the corner finishing with a seductive and creative decor. As for the shade, they use bold but subdued colours, glitter and glitter to make your eyes sexy. Many of them use false eyelashes to highlight this look.

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What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 5

Oddly enough, well-groomed eyebrows are very essential to the pin-up style. The darker and more defined the better, so they are topped up with makeup. They aren't usually very thin.

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What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 6

High heels and stilettos are pin-up girls' favourites. Even so, they prefer plain shoes without too much detail, what matters is that they enhance their long legs and give them a sensual walk.

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What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 7

The attitude of a pin-up girl, according to history, is of a playful and independent woman who is sexually liberated and that has, through the years created a new standard in the way women live their sexuality and femininity.

What is A Pin-Up Girl - Step 8
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What is A Pin-Up Girl