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How to Get a Romantic Look

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get a Romantic Look
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Who doesn't love the romantic look? Pastel colors, light and frilly dresses or flowers are some of the key traits to get a perfect romantic style. Michael Kor, Alice and Olivia or Marcheesa are some of the designers that have made the romantic look get on the catwalk lately, and celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift or Zooey Deschanel have brought it to all magazines. To get the same style as them, at OneHowTo we explain how to get a romantic look.

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Steps to follow:


Light dresses, flowers and soft colors have been constant in the history of fashion. Romantics from the Romanticism era in the nineteenth century used to dress in such way, but they weren't the only ones. Pre-raphaelite pictures show plenty of flowers and an aloof air which made this style come back into fashion.

How to Get a Romantic Look - Step 1

But you don't need to go that far to get a romantic look. Fortunately there are many brands that offer this kind of style. Poète, some collections by Kling or Naf Naf are also an example for a total romantic look, though low-cost brands have recently given in to the romantic style too.

How to Get a Romantic Look - Step 2
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There are also many small shops with a romantic vibe, you'll recognize them by the use of pastel colors in their decoration, in which you'll be able to find anything you're looking for.


And how to be a perfect romantic? Regarding colors, pastel is preferred over any other tone, though white can also help. Play with these colors and give a touch of stronger colors (though limited) to give the look that extra special tweak.

How to Get a Romantic Look - Step 4
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Regarding material, look for diaphanous and light fabric. Don't miss out on lace or flounces, as these are perfect for a romantic look.

How to Get a Romantic Look - Step 5

Flowers are also a must element: no matter if they're attatched to the garment or printed. The liberty pattern will be your best ally for a romantic look.

How to Get a Romantic Look - Step 6
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When looking for a hairstyle, put your hair up is a slightly unkempt style, as it works really well for the romantic air you're looking for. A great option is an unkempt braid. A low or high bun, a side ponytail or wavy hair are also good options. Check our boho braid hairstyles tutorials for detailed step by step instructions.

How to Get a Romantic Look - Step 7
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A romantic hairstyle will be complete if you add the right accessories. Add a retro headband or diadem, a flower or some nice clips that will give you the final touch.


If you want to boost your romantic look with flawless makeup, we advise you to go for a natural and fresh look. Learn more in our article on how to do natural makeup at home.

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Image: Pinterest
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Image: Poète
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How to Get a Romantic Look