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Best Chest Tattoos for Women

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 17, 2024
Best Chest Tattoos for Women

The chest is a very expressive part of the body. Some women like to use it to help express their femininity, but others may want to do the opposite. In terms of bodily real estate, it is a prime area for tattooing. Due to its often larger surface area, many women choose to ink designs which would be spatially limited if they were on their arm or another area. Whether or not you have cleavage, we can also find chest tattoos for women which accentuate their shape. The relative flatness of the chest area also makes it especially suitable for certain types of tattoos.

At oneHOWTO, we provide the best chest tattoos for women. We show you ideas for small and large chest tattoos for women which show various designs, text and illustrations.

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  1. Large or small chest tattoos for women?
  2. Chest tattoos for women with text
  3. Flower chest tattoos for women
  4. Cross chest tattoos for women
  5. Heart chest tattoos for women
  6. Wing chest tattoos for women

Large or small chest tattoos for women?

Many people think that chest tattoos are only for men. Fortunately, as stigma around tattooing is being reduced, more women are decided to get inked. The chest area has a certain taboo for some people when it comes to tattoos. For some, this is part of their charm. Depending on what you want from your tattoo, you can choose one which is beautiful, sexy, illustrative or making any kinds of statement you want. The only limitation is imagination.

If you want to choose a small chest tattoo, you can choose certain areas. You can have one between the cleavage which can only be seen in certain necklines. You can have a curved design around the bottom of the breast which can be even more hidden. For most large chest tattoos, the prime location is across the front of the chest. This is usually a flat area and affords more space for your design.

Since the chest area is large and projects forward from the body, it is a great place to have a large tattoo design which will can be displayed more easily. However, if you are not confident in tattoos, this could be a mistake. Usually large chest tattoos are not the best option for a first tattoo, although there are many exceptions.

As with any type of tattoo, carefully consider the design. Once you know what you want, find a professional tattoo artist who is recommended by trustworthy sources. Discuss your design and go form there.

If you don't think the chest is right for you, you can think about choosing a tattoo idea for the lower stomach or even look at ideas for finger tattoos.

Best Chest Tattoos for Women - Large or small chest tattoos for women?

Chest tattoos for women with text

For many women, a chest tattoo is a good option for a text-based tattoo. Whether this is text-only or one with text incorporated into another illustration, think carefully about what you want to say. Text chest tattoos are often popular because the script can follow the contours of the chest to give a beautiful line.

However, you can also choose smaller text ideas which may be located under the breast or in a less-visible area. Whatever text you want to choose, always take into account the proportion and symmetry of your anatomy. Here we provide some ideas for text chest tattoos:

  • Initial or name of a loved one.
  • Initial or name of a pet.
  • Phrases relating to female empowerment.
  • A personal mantra.
  • Lyrics from your favorite song.
  • Name of a country that is important to you.
  • Phrases from your favorite book.
  • A phrase that you never want to forget.
  • Chinese, Arabic or other language letters or phrases.

For more information, you can take a look at our article on inspirational quote tattoo ideas.

Best Chest Tattoos for Women - Chest tattoos for women with text

Flower chest tattoos for women

Obviously women are not the only ones who get flower tattoos. However, since flowers can often represent certain aspects of femininity, they are popular for people who identify as female. Since there are so many types of flower in the world, the ideas for floral chest tattoos are practically limitless. Some may choose to have a small flower chest tattoo, perhaps on their side. Others might want to have them all over the chest or incorporated into another design.

You can have black ink floral tattoos, but many women choose a flower chest tattoo due to the possibility of having color designs. You can have watercolor flower tattoos or use bold colors with black lines. Whatever you choose, it should be something which suits both your personality and personal style.

Do you want some ideas for floral chest tattoos? We share some options below:

  • Your favorite flower.
  • A flower with personality.
  • Floral designs that run over the front of your chest.
  • A creeper or vine tattoo.
  • Vines connecting other images.
  • Daisies, carnations or roses for small designs.
  • Old school-style flowers with defined lines and saturated colors.
  • Minimalist style flowers.
  • Flowers in color watercolor.

You can have a look at our guide to the meanings of flower tattoos or look more specifically at cherry blossom tattoos.

Best Chest Tattoos for Women - Flower chest tattoos for women

Cross chest tattoos for women

If you want to refer to your spiritual side, you can opt for a tattoo on the chest that represents it. One of the oldest symbols that has been used in countless cultures to refer to spirituality is the cross. Although the cross is most associated with Christian religion, crosses can also serve to represent nature. Cross tattoos for women highlight their feminine traits, delicacy and emotionality.

There are many different types of crosses to choose your design. Crosses can be simple or more ornate. They are great both for a small chest tattoo on one side or in the center of the neckline, as well as for larger and more detailed designs that will look great in the center of the chest.

You can see some other tattoos designs associated with certain religions by looking at our article on the meaning of mandala tattoos.

Best Chest Tattoos for Women - Cross chest tattoos for women

Heart chest tattoos for women

Getting a chest tattoo of a heart can be loaded with symbolism and reality. One option is to make a small, discreet and delicate tattoo of the symbol related to the heart. Since the chest is where the heart is located in the human body, it is also common for women to get a more realistic tattoo of the heart organ. Know more about the difference by looking at the origins of the heart shape symbol.

Heart tattoos can be simple. When located on the chest, they can be placed in the center, at the side or even on top of the breast. This last is common for people who want a small chest tattoo which can be more or less hidden. The heart can also be included with other designs such as treble clefs if you are a music lover, a paw print if you want to remember a beloved pet or any symbol which represents something you love. This means you can keep what you love both figuratively and literally close to your heart.

Best Chest Tattoos for Women - Heart chest tattoos for women

Wing chest tattoos for women

Birds are one of the most common tattoos designs for women, although this is also true more generally. The chest is a good space to have a wing tattoo as each wing can emanate from the center of the chest. You can also use the chest area to have a flock of birds flying of an area. Again, as with any type of chest tattoo design for women, it can be as large or small as you wish.

Since the wings can have contoured shapes, they can work well with the contours of the chest. Wing tattoo designs can also be sexy fi you want to use some alluring shapes. You can even combine some of the other chest tattoo designs by having a heart with wings emanating from it. There are also many other symbols and characters which incorporate wings such as animals or even gods.

Finally, a common wing chest tattoo for women is the butterfly tattoo. This can be colored or black ink, but it works very well with the chest area because the of shape.

Best Chest Tattoos for Women - Wing chest tattoos for women

Of course, there are many other tattoo styles for women you can choose. Take a look at some of our Once you decide on your design and get inked, take a look at what to do if the tattoo looks wrinkly.

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Best Chest Tattoos for Women