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Meanings of Flowers Tattoos

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. December 3, 2021
Meanings of Flowers Tattoos

Flower tattoos are one of the most popular themes among ink lovers. In fact, floral tattoos have been widely prominent throughout history, and are commonly known for being symbols of natural beauty and life. The meanings behind each flower can vary depending on the culture and the time period.

In this oneHOWTO article, we will give you a detailed overview of the most popular flower tattoos and provide some pictures and ideas in order to inspire you. Also, we will explain the history, origins and different meanings behind flower tattoos.

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  1. Meaning of lotus flower tattoos
  2. Meaning of cherry blossom tattoos
  3. Meaning of lily flower tattoos
  4. Meaning of rose tattoos
  5. Meaning of sunflower tattoos
  6. Meaning of Japanese flowers tattoos

Meaning of lotus flower tattoos

The lotus flower is a popular choice among people who want a tattoo that represents their personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus flower is unique because it rises from the mud and thus conveys a powerful message, which is that even beauty can grow from the dirt.

The lotus flower is also a very important symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism because they open in response to sunlight. This means that they open each morning and close each evening. In these cultures, lotus flowers are known for representing purity, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, connection with the universe and rebirth.

In terms of the lotus flower tattoo, the shape of the flower plays a significant role. If the flower is open, it symbolizes the creation of the universe. If the flower is closed, it is commonly associated with the infinite possibilities of man.

The color of the tattoo should also be taken into consideration, since they also have their own meanings. These are the most popular colors in lotus flowers tattoos:

  • Blue: the blue lotus represents knowledge and wisdom.
  • White: the white lotus indicates purity and perfection.
  • Red: the red lotus represents compassion, love, and passion.
  • Pink: the pink lotus is highly spiritual and is related to divine representations in eastern religions.

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Meanings of Flowers Tattoos - Meaning of lotus flower tattoos

Meaning of cherry blossom tattoos

In Buddhism, the cherry blossom tattoos generally allude to the transience of life and the passage of time. Cherry blossom are associated with these concepts because they have a very short life. Its beautiful flowers can only be admired once a year and only for two weeks. Their brief existence is also a reminder that human life is also short and beautiful.

In Japan, these flowers are a national symbol and are commonly called Sakura. They represent a time of renewal and optimism. Their distinctive pink color marks the ending of winter and is associated with the beginning of spring, which also symbolizes new opportunities.

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Meanings of Flowers Tattoos - Meaning of cherry blossom tattoos

Meaning of lily flower tattoos

Lilies are one of the world’s most recognizable flowers, mainly because they have been associated with royalty since ancient times. They have been widely used in flags, shields, and coats of arms in many cultures, such as the Carolingian dynasty, the Romans, and the Byzantines, to name a few.

Due to its important role in heraldry, lilies are commonly associated with loyalty, purity, honor, and power.

However, these popular flowers have had other meanings depending on the culture and the time period.

  • Femininity: In Ancient Egypt, lilies became the ideal symbol of femininity because of their delicate shapes and characteristic sweet scent. Greek and Roman brides used to wear a garland of lilies in their hair on their weddings.

  • Love: Romans used to fill their pillows with lilies petals because of their sweet scent. As a consequence, these flowers became a synonym for romance and intimacy in the Victorian era. Victorians were known for expressing their feelings through flowers and lilies were a popular gift among lovers.

  • Purity: Lilies are also very significant in Christianity. White lilies are often used at Christian weddings because they symbolize virginity and purity. Additionally, the Virgin Mary is frequently depicted in religious art as a white lily.

  • Grief: In some countries, like in the United Kingdom, lilies can also represent grief. They are commonly used in funerals because their characteristic white color represents peace and serenity.
Meanings of Flowers Tattoos - Meaning of lily flower tattoos

Meaning of rose tattoos

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. In fact, the national flower of England is the rose. Nowadays, roses are commonly associated with love and romance,although this has not always been the case. The Romans considered the rose to be a symbol of secrecy or confidentiality. They used to hang roses from the ceilings of their banquet halls to indicate that everything that was said was to remain confidential.

Colors also play a significant role in determining the meaning of a rose, here are some examples:

  • White: the white rose represents purity, innocence, and religious adoration.
  • Blue: the blue rose symbolizes trust and harmony.
  • Yellow: the yellow rose is often associated with optimism, energy, and joy.
  • Black: the black rose can mean strength, melancholy, and sadness.

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Meanings of Flowers Tattoos - Meaning of rose tattoos

Meaning of sunflower tattoos

For many, sunflowers are the ultimate symbol of summer. Their bright yellow petals and tall green stems remind people of long, sunny days. It is easy to see why it has become such a popular tattoo over the last few years. The meaning behind them, as in many of the flowers we have seen so far, can vary depending on the culture and the time period. Nowadays, sunflower tattoos commonly associated with love, vitality, and joy.

In China, for example, sunflowers mean good luck and lasting happiness. This is why it is quite common to give sunflowers as a gift in graduations or when someone is starting a new business.

Sunflowers are also mentioned in the popular myth of Clytie and Apollo, and are often associated with loyalty and adoration.

Meanings of Flowers Tattoos - Meaning of sunflower tattoos

Meaning of Japanese flowers tattoos

Traditional Japanese art aesthetic has been gaining a lot of popularity in western culture in the last few years. Japanese-style flower tattoos are among the most sought-after. So far, we have covered the cherry blossom and the lotus flower. However, there are many other Japanese flowers of exceptional beauty and profound spiritual meanings that are worth mentioning.

Here are some of the most popular Japanese flowers tattoos and their meanings:

Peony: Also known as paeony, is considered to be a symbol of good luck, wealth, and abundance.

Amaryllis: Amaryllis is a Greek female name that means “to sparkle”. These flowers are mostly associated with victory and success.

Bamboo flowers: also known as semelparaous, usually represent longevity and good luck. Even though the bamboo flowers are not specially beautiful, they are quite rare. Most bamboos flower once every 60 to 130 years, depending on the species.

Chrysanthemum: sometimes called mums or chrysanths, are associated with wisdom and nobility.

Meanings of Flowers Tattoos - Meaning of Japanese flowers tattoos

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Meanings of Flowers Tattoos