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The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

You want a tattoo but are unsure about the design? There are a variety of tattoos that are perfect for highlighting the masculine qualities of men's bodies that also achieve a very favourable cosmetic result. In this OneHowTo article we give you a list of the best tattoo ideas for men so you can choose the one that suits you best and reflects your taste and personality. Keep in mind that a tattoo is for life, so think well about the design you are going for and try to find something suitable for your way of life. Here are the best designs for men, choose yours!

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  1. Tattoos of wild animals
  2. Skull tattoos
  3. Star tattoos for men
  4. Diamond tattoos
  5. Maori or tribal tattoos
  6. Arrow tattoos

Tattoos of wild animals

Many men decide to tattoo their skin with animals like tigers, lions, panthers, leopards, and so on. These mammals symbolize strength, grit and the wild nature that also resides within us. Many men decide to get tiger tattoos for their spectacular colours, in addition to being a solitary and very independent animal.

Lions are social animals with family bonds, but they also have their aggressive side. In addition they have beautiful hair which you can play about with in the tattoo design. In the picture you can see two examples of these beautiful mammals.

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Tattoos of wild animals

Skull tattoos

This is another of the best tattoos for men which also allows for a great variety of designs. You can opt for a traditional skull to remember the fragility of life or alternatively choose more colourful and cheerful designs such as the Mexican skulls, a tattoo design that keeps getting more followers.

Many people choose to accompany the skull with other symbols; for example, a clock referring to the passage of time and life or a rose or flowers. The latter can have several meanings: on the one hand the rose can mean life or if not it can symbolise a less gruesome death, that passing has a certain beauty (in true 'Flowers of Evil' Baudelaire style).

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Skull tattoos

Star tattoos for men

This is another classic tattoo which is also good for both men and women. Stars contain very old symbolism that many cultures have used as references, guides and protectors. Remember that when there were no compasses people were guided by the stars and that thanks to them many travellers reached their destination.

Currently, star tattoos also represent combating evil, working against the dark forces that lie awake in the night such as temptation. In this sense the tattoo would have a divine meaning and show the link between the person and God. In we explain in detail what the meaning of a star tattoos is.

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Star tattoos for men

Diamond tattoos

This is another of the best tattoos for men which is also currently in fashion. Diamonds are beautiful stones with great value. Their etymology makes them unchanging and therefore invincible and eternal as they are long lasting and resistant.

Following this interpretation, diamond tattoos symbolise the strength of the self and the ability to overcome even the hardest obstacles in life. That is why many people who have had a hard time tattoo this design onto their skin, to remind people that they are strong and that nothing will change them. They are also a sign of good luck because of their value; therefore, who has a diamond will have abundance in life.

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Diamond tattoos

Maori or tribal tattoos

Instead of a specific design many men choose to have larger tattoos that fill a larger part of the body and contain within multiple symbols. This applies, for example, to tribal tattoos with geometric shapes and a tendency to straight lines and, sometimes, in shapes that flames or wings.

Maori tattoos are also very fashionable. These have more rounded designs and, above all, are put in certain areas of the body such as the shoulders, back or arm. With them they can incorporate various symbols like yin yang, the symbol of 'om' or animals like scorpions or snakes, etcetera. The best of thing about these designs is that you can customize and tailor them to your taste.

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Maori or tribal tattoos

Arrow tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo that symbolises your personal evolution, your change and your desire to keep going with your life, what will be best is to get an arrow based design. This tattoo symbolizes moving forward and overcoming obstacles, the journey through life that doe snot look back. Human growth, learning and strength are the qualities of this type of tattoo.

But, in addition, they also have ancestral meaning that relates to protection. Ancient tribes used arrows to protect themselves from possible attacks, besides being the tools used to hunt and therefore eat. In this sense arrows symbolize the protection and care of oneself.

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Arrow tattoos

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The Best Tattoo Ideas For Men