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What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 17, 2021
What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean?

Diamond tattoos have become very popular in recent years thanks to their beauty and meaning. In this oneHOWTO article we're going to explain the different meanings of diamond tattoos, what they symbolize and stand for.

We'll also be giving you 50+ diamond tattoo ideas so you can find the best design for you. Keep reading to learn more about this tattoo with meaning.

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  1. Diamonds symbolize preciousness and worth
  2. Diamonds symbolize strength
  3. Diamonds symbolize eternity
  4. Diamonds symbolize luck
  5. Diamond tattoo's astrological meaning
  6. Diamonds symbolize growth
  7. Diamonds as a shape
  8. Why do guys get diamond tattoos?

Diamonds symbolize preciousness and worth

Diamonds are undoubtedly the most popular gem of all, this is one obvious reason why its design has become so popular in the tattoo world. However its powerful meaning is what has caused so many people to opt for this symbol to tattoo onto their skin.

The first meaning is a little obvious, diamonds are precious. According to Forbes' list of the 12 most expensive gem stones[1], “diamonds are pure carbon arranged in a diamond lattice and take around 1 to 3 billions years to form”. This makes them incredibly valuable and is the reason why they are so prized as gifts.

If you have a diamond tattoo, it can mean that you think of something as being precious. If it's accompanied by a name or a picture, it can mean you think another person is precious and want to reward their love with an everlasting tattoo. If it's just a diamond on its own, it can mean you have high self-worth and value your own individualism. It can also mean you value monetary wealth. Not the most spiritual reason for a diamond tattoo, but it had valid symbolism nonetheless.

While one of the most precious materials on the planet, diamonds only made it to number 5 on the Forbes list. With less than 30 known to exist on earth, the red diamond came in at number 1. This means if you prize something in particular above all others, a tattoo of a red diamond tattoo might be the one that can help you show your appreciation. Red diamonds are very rare and precious, if this sounds like a message that is close to your heart, you may consider getting this tattoo.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamonds symbolize preciousness and worth

Diamonds symbolize strength

The word diamond comes from ancient Greek and originates from the word adámas, which means invincible or unchangeable. These are two well-known characteristics of a diamond, their strength and resistance.

This is why some people decide that it's the tattoo for them, especially if you have been through something difficult in life and have come through stronger. It goes to show that you are strong and resistant.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamonds symbolize strength

Diamonds symbolize eternity

Diamond tattoos also symbolize eternity, as they are known to last forever. Many couples like this meaning as they feel an everlasting and unconditional love for their partner. This is why we can see lots of couple tattoos with diamonds. In fact, some couples prefer getting tattoos rather than rings for their marriage. If you're thinking of what couple tattoo you can get, perhaps you can consider a diamond tattoo.

Families are also known to choose this to symbolize their everlasting love for their children or parents. This meaning goes to show that your relationship with that person is rare, precious and everlasting.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamonds symbolize eternity

Diamonds symbolize luck

For centuries diamonds have also been considered a symbol of good luck and progress. This is why many people decide to get a diamond tattoo for good luck. If you like diamonds and want to use it as a good luck charm, this may be the perfect tattoo for you!

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamonds symbolize luck

Diamond tattoo's astrological meaning

Those who closely follow astrology may also find diamonds to be a great tattoo for them, especially for those born under the sign of Aries. That is why some people choose this to represent not only their zodiac but also one of the main features associated with Arians: strength.

Diamonds are represented by Venus in Vedic astrology, so they have a link to women and the divine feminine (not that men can't have diamond tattoos either). Venus in Roman mythology represents love, sex, fertility, victory and prosperity. If any of these resonate with you, perhaps you will want to get a diamond tattoo.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamond tattoo's astrological meaning
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Diamonds symbolize growth

Diamonds are made of carbon material being exposed to extremely high pressure deep in the earth. The diamonds we are used to see in jewelery stores have been through a massive transformation to turn them into something precious. This is another meaning of diamond tattoos, the journey from something hidden under the earth to something beautiful and most desired.

The journey a diamond takes from its initial form to final product is a long one which has weathered aeons of change and turmoil. If you feel like some journeys in your life have been overcome, a diamond tattoo might be a great option for you.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamonds symbolize growth

Diamonds as a shape

Diamonds are not just the name for the precious stone, but are also used for the shape. It is a unique shape which is nevertheless still very recognizable. This has made it popular recently for black line tattoos as geometric shapes work great in this medium. You can have a diamond tattoo as something sleek and elegant.

You can also incorporate the shape into other symbols and tattoos if you'd like. Having wings or crowns on or near the diamond shape has been popular in the past, but just like any other tattoo, you can customize it best to your liking.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Diamonds as a shape
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Why do guys get diamond tattoos?

Although diamond tattoos are thought out to be more for women, diamond tattoos are for anyone. Their meaning transcends genders and can be designed to look more feminine or masculine.

Men often choose to get a diamond tattoo to symbolize their growth and their worth. Many couples also choose to get a diamond tattoo together to symbolize their strong and everlasting love. Lastly, some men simply like how diamonds look and decide to tattoo it on their body.

Everyone is different and will look for different styles and meaning when choosing a tattoo. It's very important to understand that there are no boundaries when choosing a tattoo, whether you are a man, woman or gender fluid, it's your body and your choice, so tattoo whatever looks and feels right for you.

What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean? - Why do guys get diamond tattoos?
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Now that you know the meaning of diamond tattoos, are you ready to get one tattooed? And if you want to understand the meanings of other tattoos, we encourage you to read our articles about the meaning of star tattoos, wolf tattoos and feather tattoos.

We've included plenty of photos in this article but we also encourage you to watch the video below to get more diamond tattoo ideas!

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What Do Diamond Tattoos Mean?