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Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 21, 2019
Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas

Do you want to liven up your skin with something that says that your love is forever? A good way to do this is by getting couple tattoos. Both partners may choose to have either matching tattoos or a design that complements the other one. More and more couples are choosing love tattoos somewhere on their body. These designs range from simple to more elaborate options but they always have an incredibly deep meaning and loving significance. In this OneHowTo article you will discover some cute couple tattoo ideas so you can pick the one that best suits you and your darling.

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  1. Tattoos with crowns
  2. Hearts for couples
  3. Tattoos with hearts
  4. The infinity symbol with arrows
  5. Puzzle pieces
  6. Anchor tattoos
  7. Direct little sentences
  8. Tattoos for gamers
  9. Tattoos of birds
  10. Compass tattoos
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Tattoos with crowns

There are many meanings behind crown tattoos and everyone has to do with self-love, security, belief in the possibilities of each other, and so on. However, its meaning can be extrapolated to the sentimental field as this symbol also represents unconditional love a person feels for another. Commitment, respect and loyalty are the signs represented by these tattoos and therefore they are perfect for a couple.

You can play with different ideas, for example, that the boy typically has a king's crown and the girl a queen's tiara or, if you prefer tasteful wording as a tattoo, you can just add below the word "Queen" and "King" to specify the gender.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Tattoos with crowns

Hearts for couples

When we speak of love, one of the symbols that comes to mind is hearts. Isn't that right? This is because there is a social acceptance that sees love and the feeling of love coming from the heart. So, if you want to show how much you love your partner and you want to show that your love is forever, an amazing tattoo could take the form or design of a heart.

On OneHowTo, we suggest one here that we will absolutely love forever. It has the design of little heart palpitations like the ones we always see in the cardiograms when we are in a hospital. To make the meaning much clearer, you can draw little heart in the middle of the lines. So, you're totally indicating that your heart beats to the rhythm of your partner. That is to say, that the one could not live without the other.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Hearts for couples

Tattoos with hearts

If you do not like the previous option, another good example of the cute couple tattoos is this one in which a heart symbol is used as a sign of true love forever. But in this particular case, it shows that your heart has only one key to open it and, therefore, the other person in the couple will have to tattoo on the wondrous key that has managed to open your heart.

It's one of the most metaphorical options out there as it shows that there is only one person in the whole wide world who is able to open your heart, that is, to gain your love (in the purest meaning, your other half forever). With this design you are indicating that you are made for each other and that no one else in the world could be your partner.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Tattoos with hearts

The infinity symbol with arrows

The infinity sign looks like a lopsided 8. It is often used in mathematical terms to indicate when a result is infinite but, currently, it is also widely used in tattoos as a symbol of eternal love that one person feels for another person. Your feelings can not be defined or summed up and so, you express that with the sign of infinity. It goes perfectly for couples who want to make it clear what they feel for each other.

If you add an arrow to this design, you add an extra meaning to the tattoo as arrows always been used as a symbol of protection (tribes used them as weapons to defend themselves). On OneHowTo, we will explore in detail the meaning of tattoos with arrows. Therefore, if we add the arrow indicating that you will also protect the other person until the end of infinity and that they also will do the same with you.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - The infinity symbol with arrows

Puzzle pieces

It is another tattoo design commonly used by couples. The pieces from a game of puzzles where a puzzle piece has a corresponding companion and they fit together only with one another. If this meaning is examined under the magnifying glass of live, it can be read as denoting that a person has found the piece that fits with them perfectly and vice versa.

In this sense, it is a similar symbolism to the one which we have above, with the gorgeous lock and key, since it considers that there is only one person who fits perfectly into your slot and, therefore, you are a whole that has been made full. Puzzle pieces, by themselves, make no sense. They complement and join with other pieces to become a whole, a full construct. Therefore, this tattoo also symbolizes that your significant other, your other half is the only person and without them, you would feel incomplete, awash in the sea of life. This is also a great idea if you share your love for a third party, such as a child or a pet. Take a look at ideas for cat tattoos for example.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Puzzle pieces

Anchor tattoos

Another favorite for lovers' tattoos are anchors and they are also very fashionable right now. In the maritime world, anchors are the tool used by fishermen, marines and sailors to be safe at sea and to return home to the shore. This meaning can move up to the emotional level as an anchor is the bond between the couple that makes us stronger when the world is swirling, whirling and reeling. The other person helps you to safety and security.

That union of security, trust and love is transmitted by the glamorous anchor tattoos. That's why so many couples decide to get this tattooed onto their skin and it is also common to add the initials of your loved one.

This is also a popular finger tattoo design to wear on your ring finger, which is the best symbol for union.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Anchor tattoos

Direct little sentences

If you like tattoos with words, a perfect idea to show how much you love your partner is to make a similar tattoo that you can see in the glorious picture. You can choose the phrase you like. You may decide to write "I love him / her / them" with little darling hearts between the letters to increase that delicate romantic touch.

But if you do not quite like it, you can opt for a tattoo with other phrases like "Forever in Love", "Together we are one", "Till Death do us part" and so on. Can you think of any phrase that corresponds to your partner and what you feel for each other?

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Direct little sentences

Tattoos for gamers

If you love spending quality time together whilst playing computer games or if you cannot imagine a life without video games, a perfect tattoo for you is right here. This is to express the love you feel for each other following the lead of that odd little Italian plumber, Super Mario's love story. This character is well known and in every game, he is trying to save the beautiful princess who has been kidnapped by an evil being. So, it remains a classic fairy-tale story but it's great fun and full of absorbing little characters.

So if both of you are gaming enthusiasts, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to create Super Mario and Princess Peach tattoos, since these are two people who love each other madly and who are willing to risk their virtual lives to get back together.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Tattoos for gamers

Tattoos of birds

Bird tattoos are one of the signs that denote freedom, creativity, spirituality and so on and so forth. If we transfer this to the field of relationships, we find that the meaning is extended slightly, indicating that thanks to the other person, you feel free, free as a bird, wanting to fly and touch the sky and live life to the fullest.

Therefore, with this darling design, you are telling the world that the other person is your partner in flight, the wind under your wings when you're flying as you live fully flocking together like birds of a feather. Still, you're never alone because birds always fly in flocks.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Tattoos of birds

Compass tattoos

The tool used to orient travelers and sailors becomes also serves as one of the best tattoos for couples. Inside compasses, the Rose of the Winds or the wind-rose is responsible for indicating where exactly a person is and where they need to go. For this reason, it is also one of the symbols of a traveler as they are willing to go around the world: from North to South and East to West.

In this sense, this type of design in the world of a couple may show that they want to travel the world with that person, but also with one another's guidance. The other person is your compass to avoid getting lost on the pathways and the rough seas of life. Therefore, you express a sense of adventure but also the idea of commitment and loyalty.

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas - Compass tattoos

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