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What do Crown Tattoos Mean

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 17, 2019
What do Crown Tattoos Mean

Thinking about getting a crown tattoo? This design is one of the most popular today and this is because it represents authority, leadership and strength. Monarchs have always used crowns to denote their importance in their empire and elevate them as one of those chosen to safeguard the future of the population. In this oneHOWTO article we are going to show you what do crown tattoos mean so you can understand the ones you see around you today and how far they've come from their original meaning.

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Royal crown tattoo meaning. As we mentioned earlier, crowns were treasures worn by the kings and queens to designate their authority and rule over their lands. When a person gets a crown tattoo, one of its most common meanings is to reflect the sovereignty that they have over their own life. When someone gets this type of tattoo, what they want it to reflect is independence, strength and self-control.

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Crown tattoos meaning power. Another meaning behind this type of tattoo lies with remembering the power that everyone has over themselves and also the need to always use their wisdom before making any decision. Good kings and queens are those who try to achieve progress for their people in a fair and equal manner, therefore, a person who gets a tattoo of this image is drawing on this meaning: in life's decisions we have to make fairer decisions and always use our intelligence.

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Crow tattoos meaning progress. There are people who also get this type of tattoo to show their desire for prosperity and progress in life. In this sense they see this tattoo as a good luck charm that can help people achieve and go far in their lives, or at least have a life of wealth and abundance (we shouldn't just see this in an economical sense but it should be understood in the broadest sense of the word: love, friendship, happiness, health, etc.).

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Crown tattoo meaning in the zodiac. In relation to the signs of the zodiac, crowns are associated with Leo and they symbolize the king of the jungle, that is to say, the Lion. In this way, people who are this star sign may decide to get a crown tattoo to denote its similarity to what the crown represents (leadership, courage, strength, authority, etc.), which is what their own sign also represents.

In this oneHOWTO article we show you what are Leos like, the star sign most linked to this tattoo design.

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Crown tattoo meaning authority. The symbolism of crowns represents, as we have already mentioned, power and authority over your own life. But, it can also denote a spirit of leadership, emphasize the essence of each person and develop your self-esteem. Another meaning it can have is "victory" that is to say, having overcome a difficult situation in your life and now being in a new time and feeling, as a result, stronger, bolder and more powerful.

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Crown tattoos can also be given a meaning of unconditional love between a couple. He can get tattooed with the traditional design of a king's crown and she can do the same but with a queen's crown. By doing this they are establishing their love with a special and inseparable bond in true fairy tale style. If you are fond of a certain fairy tale princess character, you can imitate the style of her crown, for example.

Another tattoo that is suitable for couples is the anchor, in this article we show you what do anchor tattoos symbolize.

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You can't. A crown is headgear worn by a monarch. As such, it symbolizes sovereignty and superiority. If you want to symbolize fairness, get a tattoo of the scales of justice.
I love tattoos and are thinking of getting a crown tattoo with the meaning of fairness. My question is: how can I make it look as if I am superior to the rest for wearing this tattoo?
Give me an answer please
OneHowTo Editor
We advise you to create a humble design for your crown tattoo. This may mean a crown with not much jewelry or embellishments. You can copy the style of a king or queen who was highly just or fair in the past.
Crown tattoos have the meaning you want to give to them, though the ones we mention are the most common.

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What do Crown Tattoos Mean