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What do Semicolon Tattoos Mean

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What do Semicolon Tattoos Mean
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Tattoos of semicolons have invaded the network, they have become viral pictures and suddenly it seems that many people have decided to have this punctuation mark on their skin. But beyond its use in writing, this image hides a great symbolism and a cause that drives the hope of life for some people.

Choosing to tattoo a semicolon on your skin can be the perfect decision if you want to symbolize some things. Read this OneHowTo article and find out what semicolon tattoos mean.

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If you noticed that more and more people are wearing on their skin tattoos of semicolons, surely you're wondering what the source of this trend is. Behind what appears to be an apparent fashion, there is hiding a positive and hopeful cause for many people.

Everything arose from the creation in 2013 of a non-profit project called Project Semicolon or the semicolon project, created by Amy Bleuel to honour her father who had committed suicide.


The semicolon project is aimed at all those who suffer from depression, addictions, anxiety, who self mutilate, who are going through a period of sadness or who have felt the need to kill themselves. Thus the punctuation has come to represent an image of hope to help these people to remember that this is not the definitive end, it is a new beginning. It has become an image that helps us forget that there are many reasons to live and continue fighting.

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Soon the mission of this nonprofit project began to become popular on social networks and many public figures in the United States began to show their support for this cause. So a new trend was created: semicolon tattoos. A clear and graphic way of supporting those with significant disorders like depression, mental illness character that compromise their emotional state and also those who are suffering and need to find hope in their day to day lives.

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Thus the meaning of semicolon tattoos is a cry of hope, an encouragement to all those who have not allowed these problems to end their life but have decided to keep fighting. The image has become a reminder to overcome the adversities and move forward under circumstances that are not always desirable.

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If there is someone in your family suffering from emotional or mental disorders or if you yourself have been through any of these circumstances, semicolon tattoos are the best way to remember that there are always reasons to keep going, that it is always possible to find peace and love in our lives.

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If you're thinking about getting a tattoo that represents rebirth or new beginnings, you can opt for other designs, such as birds or butterflies.

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Terry Achieng
Ayla Jasper
There is another side to this tattoo "project" Our daughter has decided to get this tattoo on her arm against the wishes and sensibilities of both myself and her Father. Yes she is an adult, (being an adult does not give a person the right to disrespect your parents) yes it is her body and ultimately it is her choice.
This is not to diminish the struggles of people facing mental illness and depression. I have been there; I have been so sad, hurt and lonely that I could not get out of bed. I have experienced postpartum depression and abuse, I have been way to close to ending my life, and I got professional help and fought my way back. This is not to deny or diminish my daughter’s story, I am proud that she too has fought her way back. I believe her and will continue to love and support her. I feel so very guilty that I could not to protect her from the evil in this world. Nor is this an objection to her donating to support the cause.
The reasons her father and I object to the tattoo has nothing to do with recover and suicide prevention, our reasons are personal, they are logical, and they are valid, as valid as any reason to get the ; tattoo. We did have a calm, lengthy, adult, discussion about this tattoo and we thought we had come to a compromise we had an agreement on the tattoo. Then 2 days later my husband and I find out we have wasted our breath. She is breaking the agreement, being selfish, willful, and childish. She is choosing to disrespect our feelings, and permanently mark her perfect beauty with a black punctuation mark and expects us to forgive her. She is choosing to put a group of strangers and their craze, following them like a sheep, ahead of the scruples of the family that has put her needs ahead of their own and loved her forever.
Her dad offered her the beautiful option of finding and gifting to her a ; necklace or earrings or ring or bracelet or all of them but that was not good enough for her. I offered to take her place and get the tattoo on myself, putting aside all my personal objections on tattooing, if she did not get it, but no she would not do that either.
To put it bluntly I am deeply hurt. My daughter’s father is very hurt, frustrated and sad.
This “project” and the ; tattoo has and will permanently damage the relationship between our daughter and her parents.. We are the parents that have loved and supported her through everything to the best of our ability.
She has Grandparents too who love her to the depths of their souls, they will at best be uncomfortable with this mark, but more likely they too will be greatly saddened that she has marred herself permanently with this tattoo. I know they will not understand it, her grandfather (in his late 70’s) will be crushed if he learns what the ; is now supposed to mean.
Sadly from now on the ; will no longer be a symbol of healing and survival. It will be a symbol of disrespect, of selfishness, and belligerence. Every time I see it I will be reminded of the hurt and stress this situation has added to our lives.
Let me guess you are the sort of people who go to church every Sunday and secretly under your breath speak ill about everyone who is "unfit" according to you? There is a reason people should not be able to procreate. Bad parents raise depressed kids who get tattoos and these bad parents then blame other projects and their kids for their muck ups as they are too holier than thou to admit they are bad people.. look in the mirror and judge yourself first before you judge anyone else especially your own child who you promised to love and protect yet speak ill of on the internet. There is a highway to hell and you are on the fast track, keep on camping
Image: uniradioinforma.com
Image: es.vida-estilo.yahoo.com
Image: mundotkm.com
Image: viraldiario.com
Image: que.es
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What do Semicolon Tattoos Mean