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Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends

Are you thinking of doing something special with your best friend? Do you want to have something that you can both relate to, brings you together and is a symbol of your eternal friendship? You have surely been through good, fair, bad and worse moments together but are always loyal to your friendship and give unconditional support to one another. Therefore, in we show you the best cute matching tattoos for best friends, with which you can show your true friendship. They are simple, meaningful and are loaded with symbolism. Get a tattoo of something that bonds you together forever!

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Steps to follow:


First, we suggest that you think carefully before you get a tattoo. Remember that a tattoo is for life, it can not be removed and or put on and taken off as you please. Imagine that, for whatever reason, your friendship eventually comes to an end. What with happen to the tattoo? Of course, if you are sure, you trust each other and your friendship... What better way to be always united than through a unique tattoo!


Choose the place of your body where you are going to have the tattoo is always the first step. You can do it in the same area or each one of you in which ever you like best. Ankle, wrist or neck are some of the best places for these type of tattoos as they are discrete, meaningful and symbolic.


Meaningful sentences. Surely, as good friends, you have that essential saying suitable for any circumstance that can come up. A few words of support, laughter, encouragement or joy that accompanies you on all your adventures. Why not put it on your skin?

Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends - Step 3

Among the essential words are those that are never missing in your relationship and surely these are also some clichés present. 'Carpe diem', live the moment, 'together forever' or 'to infinity and beyond' are example of a few famous lines. You can search for a phrase in a book, something in Latin or a line in a song that you both love. Customizing your tattoo will make it more special.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends - Step 4

Another great idea when getting a tattoo with a friend is to get a puzzle piece. Why? Because it symbolizes the perfect union between two different pieces that at the same time are so alike... Like you! If you have always gone well together this is a nice way to show it.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends - Step 5

Small details that are really yours. A small star, a significant number, an animal, an anchor, a heart, a mark like the ones you have left to each other, the symbol of infinity, a cupcake that is as sweet as your friendship... If you do not want to get a large tattoo all these ideas are fantastic. You just have to find a small corner of your body on which to imprint them to always remember your soul mate. Remember: look for something you like that will characterize and represent you. Only then will it be a personal and unique tattoo.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends - Step 6

A tattoo should be something very personal, more so if you share it with someone. If this person is your best friend, you best find something that symbolizes and represents this strong bond. Think about what friendship means to you and mark it onto your body. Freedom, trust, loyalty, infinity, strength... Make your tattoo unforgettable!

Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends - Step 7

The possibilities of tattoos for friends are endless, so if you want to discover other good ideas we suggest that you check the following items:

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Cute Matching Tattoos for Best Friends