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Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. August 24, 2022
Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females

Different tattoo locations have different reputations. One of the most notorious types of tattoo is the rib tattoo. This is not for any cultural or social reason. It is for the simply fact that it is one of the most painful places to be tattooed. This is because there is relatively little padding between the skin and the rib bones in many people. Despite being such a sensitive area to be tattooed, the ribcage is also one of the most popular among tattoo enthusiasts. This could be due to it being a badge of honor or perhaps simply because it is a larger canvas.

If you have decided you want a tattoo on your ribs, but are unsure of the design, we can help. Keep reading oneHOWTO to find out the best rib tattoo ideas for males and females.

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  1. Small tattoos for ribs
  2. Large tattoos for ribs
  3. Tattoos with letters and phrases
  4. Butterfly tattoos
  5. rose tattoos

Small tattoos for ribs

Although the ribs can cover the entire side of our body, not everyone wants a large rib tattoo. Some people may only want a small area covered, often the area under the armpit or the area around the breast or pectoral muscles. These are sometimes preferred because they can be easily hidden when wearing a shirt, something which is harder to do with wrist tattoos or other areas.

Some small rib tattoo ideas for males and females include:

  • Feathers: the feather can be a small detail that can be perfectly adapted to the curvature of the rib, as well being great for anyone who loves nature.
  • Dream catcher: the area of the ribs is a place that we usually protect and that belongs to our privacy. For this reason, inking a small dream catcher under the armpit can be a symbol of good luck.
  • Airplanes: tattooing airplanes is a symbol of having a free and adventurous soul. Moreover, the minimalist designs of airplanes can work very well in this area.
  • Arrows: arrows are a sign of strength and protection. Due to the composition of arrow tattoos being made with straight lines, it is perfect for making small designs in this area.

Whether you want it on your ribs or any other part of your body, take a look at some more ideas for small tattoos and their meanings.

Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females - Small tattoos for ribs

Large tattoos for ribs

As we have already stated, the ribs are an area of the body which is a relatively large canvas for your new tattoo. The arms and other areas have more curved surfaces, but the ribs allow you to have a relatively flat design which means you might be thinking of some large rib tattoo ideas. We should also point out that rib tattoos are often ideal to use color since the larger area means you can have more defined colorations and add more detail.

If you are thinking of getting a large one, here are some ideas for big rib tattoos for males and females:

  • Ships: colored ship scenes are a good idea to do on the ribs, as it is an elongated design that perfectly matches the curved shape of the ribs. You can also incorporate them into larger scenes and have plenty of space for the sea.
  • Mandala designs: many people have like the design of mandalas, but they are most revered as a they connote a meaning of connection and inner balance. The area of the ribs supports a large mandala and also a whole landscape in the background.
  • Religious images: if you are religious and you are thinking of getting a tattoo that reflects your devotion, many people choose to do it on the ribs, recreating saints or deities and signs such as crosses, rosaries, stars or whatever you want to display about your own religion.
  • Animals: another idea you can do is the portrait of an animal with which you feel identified. Wolves, tigers, elephants or lions are usually the most recurrent. If you want to know the meaning of some animal tattoos, we recommend the articles on the symbolic meaning of bear tattoos and what lion tattoos mean.
Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females - Large tattoos for ribs

Tattoos with letters and phrases

Lettering in tattoos is one of the most popular among different groups of people. Some people may only want a few letters, others a whole phrase. What you decide depends on what you want to say and your own personal taste. Some people may want to choose a lyric from their favorite song, others may want an uplifting phrase which helps as a reminder to stay positive.

Many males and females choose phrase tattoos which are personal to someone they know or have known. It can be something which defines you and helps you remember overcoming adversity. This is especially true with rib tattoos since having them inked is adversity in itself. However, it is just as cool to get a funny phrase or word which makes you smile, even if you aren't smiling when you get it done.

Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females - Tattoos with letters and phrases

Butterfly tattoos

Butterflies have a very powerful meaning in the world of tattoos. Throughout history, they have acquired different meanings depending on the specific culture. Although it is a tattoo that is often most associated with females, anyone can get a tattoo of a butterfly if it suits their personal taste, regardless of gender identity. However, butterflies are also a strong symbol for both femininity.

Butterfly rib cage tattoos are also great if you have gone through a period of change. Just as butterflies emerge from the chrysalis, you may have entered a new phase in your life and want a butterfly tattoo to signify it to yourself.

If you want to know the symbolism behind this tattoo, check out our article on butterfly tattoo meanings.

Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females - Butterfly tattoos

rose tattoos

There is nothing more classic than a rose tattoo. This design can be done in color or black ink. Furthermore, it is ideal to do it in the rib area for males and females, since it can be large on its own or incorporated into a more complex design. Rose tattoos symbolize passion, strength, vitality and sensuality.

If you want to know more about the symbolism of these tattoos, we recommend this article on the different meanings of flower tattoos.

Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females - rose tattoos

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Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Males and Females