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The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos

Do you like elephant tattoos? Besides being a beautiful animal with which you can create amazing tattoos, this mammal also follows a series of symbols that are worth knowing before you get your tattoo done. Bear in mind that this animal has been one of the most common in Asian and African cultures, being a member of society and which has coexisted harmoniously with people for centuries. In this OneHowTo article you will discover the symbolic meaning of elephant tattoos so your can transmit messages in your skin with a design in this animal's regal image.

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  1. Divine representation
  2. Elephants as wise beings
  3. A symbol of strength
  4. The most common meaning: good luck

Divine representation

The most popular symbolic meaning of elephant tattoos is their connection to the divine and spiritual world. In many cultures this animal lived with the people and was admired for its strength, age and spiritual bonding. In fact,nowadays, elephants still participate in many religious ceremonies in certain Asian countries and people make offerings to elephants or ask their divine elephants for blessings.

In India, for example, elephant tattoos mean absolute divinity because these animals are related to the Hindu god, Ganesh, in charge of unblocking the many obstacles of life. Ganesh is also the patron of the arts, intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, this tattoo is related to having your skin impregnated with a symbol of good luck besides cultivating your most intelligent inner side.

In some Asian cultures, the elephant is a mystical animal and has cosmic significance as they appear in etchings and drawings which show this creature carrying the world on its mighty shoulders. This relates to some of the characteristics that inspire and attract us to these animals such as, for example, seniority in the world, strength, and so on and so forth.

Buddhists, meanwhile, continue to use the image of a White elephant as it is associated with the figure of the Buddha. In this sense, the meaning behind tattoos of elephants and this color symbolizes the premises that Buddha defended: sincerity, compassion, peace, kindness and love.

The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos - Divine representation
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Elephants as wise beings

We have already indicated in the previous section that elephants they are also related to intelligence and knowledge. This association is because these animals live for so many years of life and, therefore, their experience is wide and they are wise. It is considered that all living beings accumulate knowledge and therefore wisdom.

In this regard, an Elephant Tattoo can mean the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and so on and so forth. But it's also totally related with immortality (being a divine being) and learning that you acquire in the course of life.

The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos - Elephants as wise beings
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A symbol of strength

This incredibly large animal is, in fact, the largest land mammal on Earth and so another of the meanings behind an elephant tattoo is the one related to strength and courage. These animals weigh 6 tons (6,000 kilos) if they are of the African race. As you can see, they are very burly, strong and heavy. Nevertheless, they are docile, friendly and very loving animals that can perfectly coexist with human beings.

Thus, the tattoos that are made with this meaning normally relate to the capacity that one has had to overcome any obstacle in life, trauma or bad experience. That strength we have within us is externally represented by the figure of the elephant, a strong, wise and peaceful animal.

The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos - A symbol of strength
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The most common meaning: good luck

In any case, the most popular meaning behind elephant tattoos is that they are associated with good luck. This superstition comes from Asian and African cultures because they believe that these mammals bring good luck. Why is that? Well, because they could carry very heavy loads, because they served as a means of transport and, also, because they could sell their ivory to earn a lot of money.

In addition, as we have already mentioned above they are symbols related to divinity and, in certain cultures, they are the image of a particular deity like holy Ganesh. As they are the representatives of the divine world, if you get close to one you will be given good luck as you will be right next to the goodness of the gods.

The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos - The most common meaning: good luck

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The Symbolic Meaning of Elephant Tattoos