Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage

Often in our life some tasks or hurdles appears to be so taxing that it leaves us upset and frustrated and we feel as if all the strength has drained from our body. At such time we like to hold on to something which gives us peace and reminds us of our inner strength. For some people certain objects or charms act as the source of strength while for others tattoo is a great way of channeling their inner strength and courage. If you would like a tattoo to remind you of your power and inner strength, in this article we're going to show you the best tattoo designs that mean strength and courage.

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The majestic line with its black mane of hair is an ultimate symbol of strength and power. The king of forest also symbolizes bravery, courage, protection and leadership. Its ferocity exudes a masculine aura which is ideal choice for tattoo if you want a true symbol of strength.

Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage - Lion


The elephant is a respected animal especially in Asian and African country where it is sometimes related to Gods and Goddesses. It is the symbol of incredible power and strength. Even though it is not a very popular choice for tattoo, that doesn’t stand in the way of its strength. For those who worship Lord Ganesha, a God of Hindu mythology, the Elephant can be the best choice as tattoo. Take a look at the symbolic meaning of elephant tattoos for more specific information.

Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage - Elephant

Koi Fish

Strength doesn’t always mean the power of body. Sometimes strength signifies our inner strength, our mental strength. Koi fish is a perfect symbol to show off the inner resilience that you have. In nature, Koi fish shows immense strength and courage through its ability to swim miles upstream. Also according to Chinese and Japanese mythology when a Koi fish is caught, it acts as a samurai by bravely waiting for its death. So, it’s considered a symbol of both strength and courage.

Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage - Koi Fish

Infinity symbol

The symbol of infinity is like the mathematical number 8 laid down horizontally. It signifies something which has no end. It is a symbol of limitless hope and infinite love. Extreme love and hope can become the source of courage for a person. Hence, infinity symbol is a great way to show your strength in tattoos. It is usually used as a matching tattoo for best friends or couples.

Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage - Infinity symbol


It is hard to believe that something as frail as a feather can become a symbol of strength. A feather might not appear to be something which has great strength but it has strength to soar high up in the sky. It symbolizes how to achieve most in life and it signifies triumph, liberty from all things weighing people down. It is a symbol of indivisualism. In ancient time courage and valor in a person was rewarded with feather and hence it became a symbol of strength and bravery.

In this article you can learn more about the meaning of feather tattoos.


The Anchor tattoo means strength and stability. It is a constant reminder to stay strong and put no matter how hard the storm you're going through is. It is a drawing that gives security and courage to the person bearing it.

Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage - Anchor

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Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage
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Tattoo Designs that Mean Strength and Courage

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