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Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. January 18, 2022
Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings

Little is more personal than a tattoo. It is a permanent decoration of the skin which is closer than any piece of clothing or accessory can be. For this reason, it is understandable why getting a tattoo that represents family is so popular. Many parents use tattoo ink to immortalize the bond they have with their children and vice versa. However, your family tattoo can be about any type of family member. Whether they are a blood relative or someone who has become close through circumstance, the definition of family is wide open.

This is why oneHOWTO provides ideas for tattoos that represent family with meanings. We show you small tattoo ideas, tattoos with text and many more, as well as explain the meanings of some popular family tattoos.

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  1. Small tattoos that represent family
  2. Family tattoos with text
  3. Family drawings in tattoos
  4. Lion tattoos that represent family
  5. Elephant tattoos that represent family
  6. Tattoos of dead family members

Small tattoos that represent family

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, as is having a family. It is something which can help us to represent the love, respect and profound connections we have with the people closest to us. Everyone should be able to rever their family, but not everyone wants to get a large tattoo, at least not at first. Many of us want to look for small family tattoos which can be small tokens of a much bigger love.

Small family tattoos are not usually photorealistic tattoos of family members. If you want a photorealistic tattoo of family, you will need it to be sufficiently large to look good. Small family tattoos usually feature designs which can be kept localized, such as a flower, a tree, a date or any other tattoo loaded with familial symbolism.

Another great example of a small tattoo that represents family is a set of puzzle pieces. Each piece can represent a member of the family with more puzzle pieces being added when a new member joins the family. Trees can be used a large tattoos with intricate branches, but a small tattoo on the wrist or other part of the body might be more suitable for you.

For more inspiration, check out our article on small tattoo designs.

Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings - Small tattoos that represent family

Family tattoos with text

If you want to get a little more literal or a little more lyrical, choosing a tattoo with text could be a good way to represent how you feel about the family. For many people, this could be as simple as having the word family tattooed. Some people may want to get names of those who are or have been closest to you. Others like the idea of choosing a birth date of someone special.

We can also choose certain phrases which represent something about our family. This could be lyrics to a sign which reminds us of them, a phrase they like to say or even any text-based memory which binds you together. Text is often used as a memorial for people we love. Famously RIP can be used with either a name or symbol of someone we love.

One of the most famous tattoos of all time used text incorporated with an image. This is a tattoo of a heart with a scroll across on which the word ‘mom’ is written. This is particularly popular in Sailor Jerry type tattoos. You can learn about this in our guide to the meaning of Sailor Jerry tattoos.

Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings - Family tattoos with text

Family drawings in tattoos

One of the best ideas for a tattoo which represents family is one of the family themselves. These can be photorealistic, but often simpler is better. This is why we often see illustrations of family, cartoon-like versions of real family members or even silhouettes of them. If the image is simpler, then we don't have to worry as much about the ink bleeding or fading over time. This often happens to photorealistic tattoos.

Another common image used as a tattoo to represent family is paper dolls. These are the cut-out paper dolls which string together, representing individuals which make up one whole family unit, i.e. a family. Whatever we choose, they can be more or less creative, but they need to be something personal. Of course, you can always add some text to use with an image, use black ink only or have lots of color.

Finally, one of the most popular tattoos is of children's art. This is when we give drawings our children have drawn and give them directly to our tattoo artist to ink on our skin. These are naïve and simple, but they are also direct representations of love for our family.

Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings - Family drawings in tattoos

Lion tattoos that represent family

Perhaps the ultimate symbol of loyalty and family is the lion. For many it is the perfect drawing to represent how their feel about their family. The lion represents strength, nobility and power. Many people choose a lion to represent a deceased father as this is the traditional image. Lions live in a pride and look out for each other. The image of the lion reflects a strong bond and the importance of family.

However, lions are not only patriarchal figures. In fact, lionesses are the real providers for lions in the wild. They are full of courage and strength, as well as providing care for their young. For this reason, a lion can just as easily represent femininity or family unity. You can also choose to get a pride of lions tattooed, each individual corresponding to someone in your human family.

Learn more with our article on the symbolic meaning of lion tattoos.

Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings - Lion tattoos that represent family

Elephant tattoos that represent family

While not seen as ferocious as the lion, elephants can be the ultimate manifestation of family. In the wild, elephants are known for their deep care and protection over their family. This not only includes their offspring, but other members of their herd. Elephants have even been known to grieve for departed members of their herd. They are symbols of closeness and caring for each other.

Elephants are also found throughout religious iconography. They are symbols of wisdom, as well as a divine representation of strength. They are said to attract good luck and symbolize unity. If you have tattoos of elephants, it shows you are ready to overcome any obstacle together.

For all these reasons, choosing an elephant tattoo to represent family can be ideal. They are also great for their unique design features. Since tattoos walk with their trunks holding the tail of the one in front, a great idea is to have a string of elephants walking together. See some more ideas on our article on the meaning of elephant tattoos.

Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings - Elephant tattoos that represent family

Tattoos of dead family members

Remembering a deceased loved one is important to keep them alive in our hearts. A special way to commemorate a life is with a tattoo. The purpose serves to honor the person who is no longer with you. There are multiple options to choose from. These can be direct in the form of their name or something abstract which reminds you of them. This could be a favorite object of theirs or anything which makes you think of them.

There are some popular family tattoos which can be used to memorialize dead family members. They include:

  • Some angel wings as a reminder they are still watching over you
  • A phrase they used frequently
  • Their initials
  • Their name
  • An electrocardiogram (associated with the cycle of life)
  • A drawing or a photograph
  • A characteristic gesture of their personality
  • A butterfly symbolizing the cycle of life and metamorphosis
  • Their favorite flower
  • A Zen circle which in Buddhist cultures refers to the value of life and the liberation of the spirit
  • Their favorite place
  • A heart which, although conventional and simple, is a pure expression of love
  • An important date, for example the their date of birth, death or both

Now that you know some ideas for tattoos that represent family, you might want to find one for other important people in your life. You can find these here with our articles on ideas for couple tattoos and cute matching tattoos for friends.

Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings - Tattoos of dead family members

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Tattoos That Represent Family With Meanings