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Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. November 6, 2023
Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings

Tattoos of Greek gods and mythological figures are common designs in the tattooing community. This is because they provide some of the most evocative imagery which can be applied to many different walks of life. The mythology of ancient Greece is now ingrained in cultures worldwide. It has infiltration language, literature and even psychology. Many of us also associate these Greek mythological figures with art. Since Greek gods have been subjects for paintings, sculptures and other artistic media, it should be no surprise they are a popular subject in the art of tattooing.

At oneHOWTO, we discover the different tattoos of Greek mythology meanings. By looking at the symbolism of different Greek god tattoos, we can see why so many people choose to have these images inked on themselves. If you are thinking of getting a Greek mythology tattoo, let us help you choose the right one for you.

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  1. Why do people get Greek god tattoos?
  2. Aphrodite tattoo meaning
  3. Zeus tattoo meaning
  4. Athena tattoo meaning
  5. Poseidon tattoo meaning
  6. Hera tattoo
  7. Apollo Tattoo
  8. Small Greek god tattoos

Why do people get Greek god tattoos?

Tattoos featuring Greek mythological gods and figures are a popular choice for many people. This is due to several compelling reasons, including simple personal aesthetic taste. Some of the most common reasons people get Greek mythology tattoos include:

  • Symbolism and meaning: Greek gods and myths often symbolize various qualities, emotions and attributes. People may choose these tattoos to represent characteristics they admire or resonate with, such as wisdom (Athena), strength (Hercules) or love (Eros). We detail the meaning of these Greek god tattoos and others in more detail below.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Greek mythology offers a rich tapestry of striking and visually appealing characters and stories. The intricate and detailed designs associated with these figures can make for beautiful and artistic tattoos.

  • Personal connection: some individuals have a personal or familial connection to Greek culture. These tattoos can be a way to honor or express that connection. The stories of Greek mythology may also have a deep family or cultural connection for people outside of Greece.

  • Storytelling: Greek myths are known for their captivating stories. Tattoos of mythological scenes or gods can be a way to celebrate the timeless narratives and share them with others.

  • Historical and cultural significance: Greek mythology is a cornerstone of Western literature, art and culture. These tattoos can reflect a deep appreciation for the historical and cultural impact of these myths.

  • Spiritual or superstitious beliefs: some people may have spiritual beliefs or superstitions related to certain gods or mythological beings, and they may get tattoos to invoke protection, luck, or other desired outcomes.

The practice of getting Greek mythological gods as tattoo designs has a long history, dating back to ancient Greece itself. In ancient times, people adorned their bodies with symbols of their beliefs and affiliations. Greek mythological figures were common choices. Today, this tradition continues, and these tattoos remain a popular and enduring theme in the world of body art, appealing to those who appreciate their timeless significance, artistry and symbolism.

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Aphrodite tattoo meaning

One of the most popular figures in Greek mythological culture is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility. She is a goddess who has always shown herself in a very sensual way. Many people get designs of Aphrodite tattoos because they denote sensuality, beauty and eroticism. The corresponding goddess in Roman mythology is Venus who has been the subject of very famous paintings in her own right.

Aphrodite is often depicted as a sensual woman, meaning a depiction can be a great design for an arm or Greek sleeve tattoo. This part of the body allows us to use the elongated space to create an elongated silhouette of the goddess.

Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Aphrodite tattoo meaning

Zeus tattoo meaning

Perhaps the most popular Greek god tattoos is Zeus. Zeus is the most powerful and important deity in all Greek mythology and is considered the father of gods. To represent him in a tattoo, you can choose to directly interpret his face and body. However, many people will choose to use the symbol of a lightning bolt to represent the power of Zeus. A particularly cool design is Zeus' fist holding two lightning bolts tightly.

People who want to get a tattoo of Zeus usually do so because they want to represent power in some way. This could be a representation of physical or emotional strength. Some people feel powerful and want to show off. Others don't yet feel as powerful as they should, so they get a Zeus tattoo as a goal or reminder. The meaning of a Zeus tattoo is also related to fertility and strength.

Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Zeus tattoo meaning

Athena tattoo meaning

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy. She mediated all conflicts and used reason and balance. Getting this type of design tattooed is usually ideal for those who seek harmony and rationality and want to see it reflected in an image. Athena is usually depicted in elegant armor, her hair loose with a helmet and sometimes with an owl. The owl is a popular a symbol of wisdom.

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Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Athena tattoo meaning

Poseidon tattoo meaning

For all lovers of the sea and nature, one of the most popular Greek tattoos from classical mythology is that of Poseidon. Poseidon is the god of the seas, able to tame the most powerful tempests. For this reason, Poseidon is often a tattoo for people who have tumultuous lives, but are able to exert power and control despite them. It is also often simply for people who want depict their love of the water or oceans more specifically.

Like Zeus, Poseidon is often represented by a symbol as well as a physical representation of the god themselves. The trident is the three-tined staff of Poseidon and is a powerful symbol in its own right. It is also used to represent certain trios such as a family of three.

Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Poseidon tattoo meaning

Hera tattoo

Hera is the official partner of Zeus and the goddess of union and marriage. Within Olympus, she is one of the most powerful goddesses, being the mother of Ares, god of war. Hera's designs are usually a very harmonious and ideal Greek tattoo to represent the values and weight of family and care.

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Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Hera tattoo

Apollo Tattoo

In the world of Greek mythology tattoos, Apollo is the best representation of science and the arts. For those want to have a tattoo that represents these passions, one of the most convincing designs is that of the god Apollo. He is a very cultured god and is the standard of any artistic or scientific representation. Apollo is also the god of drunkenness and festivities, so some people choose to get an Apollo tattoo because they like to have a good time.

If you want to opt for tattoos of Greek symbols, among Apollo's tattoo designs there are full body ones accompanied by a bow and arrow. This is because Apollo is also the god of archery. You can also simply choose a bay leaf, one of his great symbolic representations.

Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Apollo Tattoo

Small Greek god tattoos

You may really like Greek mythology, but you don't want to get a big design or tattoo that takes up a large area of skin. This is not a problem since there are many small tattoo designs that can use the meanings of Greek mythology without taking up much real estate on your body. Small and discreet Greek tattoo designs can still have a lot of meaning.

For example, you can choose to make a lightning bolt for Zeus, a trident for Poseidon, an apple for Aphrodite, a helmet or owl for Athena, or a bow and arrow for Apollo. Minimalist Greek god tattoos are full of novelties and a great idea can be presented with a few lines.

If you want to look at some other cultures for tattoo inspiration, you might want to choose a tattoo which represents one of the gods of the Aztecs and their meanings.

Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings - Small Greek god tattoos

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Tattoos of Greek Mythology Meanings