The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength

By Mary Smith. June 22, 2017
The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength

Tattoos are almost permanently engraved your skin. If you've already decided that you want to adorn your body with one of them and you know the message you want to convey, now you have to choose from several possible designs. One of the most ancient purpose of tattoos is to to communicate certain features that define you, such as strength or courage.

Nowadays fashion has made these drawings evolve too and have a greater number of meanings, even if they are simply an ornament. But if you have chosen to tattoo one that refers to those qualities, as a symbol of inner strength, at oneHOWTO we'd like to show you the best tattoos that mean strength.

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The semicolon, symbol of inner strength

This is one of the best small tattoos that mean strength as, despite its size, the importance of this symbol is quite big. Its use in a writing is to separate phrases that are closely related to each other, so much so that it is not advisable to use a full stop. But when a semicolon tattoo is drawn on the skin, its meaning is very different.

It is generally chosen by those who have had a very tragic experience and who want to successfully overcome this negative experience through strength. Every time they look at the semicolon they remember the courage it takes to move on and face a new beginning.

The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength - The semicolon, symbol of inner strength
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The anchor, a tattoo that means strength and stability

It is one of the tattoos that mean strength that people choose to engrave on their skin most, the union between stability and strength. But why does it have that meaning? The use of this element in any boat is to cling to the ground and keep the ship stable.

If you choose to engrave on your skin with any size and shape of anchor, you are demonstrating that you have something or someone that gives you strength and stability in your life, or that you yourself are able to generate this needed strength and always take advantage of this. Take a look at these anchor tattoo ideas if you like this idea and need inspiration.

The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength - The anchor, a tattoo that means strength and stability

The zen circle, a tattoo that means strength and self-improvement

It is one of the tattoos that has gained the most popularity during these past years, since many celebrities have decided to have this symbol tattooed, letting people around the world know about its meaning. It is very old, but as it comes from a specific culture, its meaning has not reached most people nowadays.

The peculiarity of the zen circle tattoo design of is that the circle can never be closed, that is, it has to be incomplete. Why? In this way the inner strength of the person and faculties such as enlightenment are represented. It is also used to refer to the universe.

Animal tattoos that mean strength

Another great option for tattoos that mean strength is to use an animal that is powerful and will easily depict strength. Although the first animal that comes to mind is the Lion to represent strength, there are other animal tattoos that mean strength too. Let's take a look.

The dragonfly, a tattoo that means freedom and strength

The dragonfly is not widely used in the context of strength and courage for two reasons. In the first place, its meaning is generally not known and this animal is not usually associated with these two qualities. Secondly, it is an image that, due to its elegance and delicacy, is usually chosen by people who seek to represent these characteristics rather than to depict strength, a quality that is usually preferred to represent with other live animals or not, such as the dragon we will see later.

Although it is not commonly used to represent the ability to be strong, it does have this meaning. Also, in certain cultures, it is engraved on the skin to attract good luck in certain areas and achieve prosperity throughout life.

Likewise, as it is an animal that flies, there is no doubt that the dragonfly tattoo is commonly related to the meaning of freedom.

The dragon, a tattoo with great meaning of strength

It is one of the most used drawings to engrave on the skin. It boasts great popularity, both for what it transmits and for its elaborate design. The dragon was already used in ancient times in many cultures, both due to its mythological and mysterious character as for its symbolism.

No matter the size of the dragon tattoo, it is always associated with the qualities of strength and power, although it also represents other ideas such as purity, hope or imagination.

Koi fish

Tribal tattoos that mean strength

You may see many people, especially men that have tribal tattoos on their skin. However, you should know that they each have a meaning, so if you want a tattoo that means strength with a tribal design, make sure you know what you're inking in your skin.

You should know that tribal tattoo is a very wide term, as it defines drawings that different tribes around the world tattooed on themselves for different reasons.

For example, certain tribes in India tattooed themselves as camouflage when hunting through the forests. On the other hand, for Polynesian tribes, the turtle was the highest symbol of strength.

The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength - Tribal tattoos that mean strength

The lotus flower, symbol of strength and endeavor

Perhaps it is not one of the most used tattoos nowadays, despite its elegant design and the meaning that is hidden behind this plant. This flower usually grows in muddy areas with reduced visibility. This is where its symbolism comes from, because it is considered a symbol of strength and improvement.

The fact that the lotus flower has to survive in unfavorable circumstances for its development shows a great deal of strength and ability to overcome, the way out of the darkness into the light and the eternal struggle for survival. For this reason it was associated to the idea of resurrection in ancient Egypt.

The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength - The lotus flower, symbol of strength and endeavor

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The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength
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The Best Tattoos that Mean Strength

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