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Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 9, 2022
Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos

Depending on where you live, summer is right around the corner. Maybe you are even lucky enough to be somewhere warm all year round where sandals and other open shoes are the norm. If you want to show off a beautiful tattoo design, your feet can be the perfect place. Although they can be a little more painful to get than on other areas of the body, feet tattoos benefit from the perfect little space for certain designs. While they can't be as big as a back tattoo, it could be just the right size for you. Find out if this is the case with our oneHOWTO list of the best feet tattoo ideas.

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  1. Tribal foot tattoo
  2. Feet tattoos with words or phrases
  3. Oriental feet tattoo designs
  4. Small symbol tattoos on feet
  5. Flower feet tattoo ideas
  6. Geometrical/graphic foot tattoo designs
  7. Personal symbolism for a foot tattoo
  8. Mandala tattoo on the foot
  9. Animal tattoos for the foot
  10. More original ideas for tattoo on the foot
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Tribal foot tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very common tattoo designs. Making a tribal design with serifs and other flourishes can be the perfect decoration for the ankle, the instep or even up your leg. You can simulate a vine or filigree and include other motifs that you like, such as a lotus flower or red roses, if you want a color foot tattoo. Always make sure your tribal foot tattoos are culturally sensitive, but you can also adapt them or change the design to something better suited to you.

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Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Tribal foot tattoo

Feet tattoos with words or phrases

Choosing a phrase or certain words which mean something to you can be the best tattoo ideas for feet. Whether you are male, female or however you identify, this can be the perfect spot for a reminder of something close to your heart. We don't always look at our bare feet closely, but when we do, seeing the lyric to a song, a meaningful quotation, a name of someone beloved or even a personal joke we find funny can be the best pick me up. You can even get script that wraps around your ankle which may be difficult for you to read, but which looks amazing.

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Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Feet tattoos with words or phrases

Oriental feet tattoo designs

If you are thinking of subtle, elegant designs that make your foot look beautiful every time you put on a sandal, oriental designs may be the ideal option for you. This is especially so if you like Japanese or Chinese culture and want to a design loaded with meaning. While these symbols can be found in iconography all over Asia, tigers, dragons, coy carp, cherry blossoms, Japanese masks and other oriental designs are particularly associated with these two countries. Japanese tattoo designs are some of the most revered across the world.

Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Oriental feet tattoo designs

Small symbol tattoos on feet

You may not want a large design which will take up a lot of real estate on your foot. This is why a heart, anchor, cactus, star, sun, wave, palm tree, mountain, initial or any small symbol might be what you are looking for. These small tattoo ideas can be like little hidden Easter eggs, revealing something small and personal when you want to. Just choose something which is either meaningful or simple enjoyable for you.

Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Small symbol tattoos on feet

Flower feet tattoo ideas

Flowers are a great feet tattoo design. While they may be mistakenly seen as a foot tattoo idea for women, they are perfect for anyone with feet. The flower tattoos can be vines, roses, lilies, daffodils, crocuses, lotus flowers or any little bit of foliage you so desire. They can be a single flower, a bunch or even a full flowerbed full of the things. They are particularly great if you want a foot tattoo that winds up from the foot onto the ankle and even the rest of the leg.

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Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Flower feet tattoo ideas

Geometrical/graphic foot tattoo designs

Whether similar to a tribal foot tattoo or something more scientific, geometrical shapes can make great feet tattoo designs. These are particularly good if you want pattern tattoo ideas, especially if you like black ink lines. You can have a repeated pattern of triangles, hexagons or any shape you want. Similarly, you can even use standalone shapes which can make great feet tattoos. You can add a symbol into the center to make bespoke designs which are meaningful to you. These are great tattoos for men and women.

Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Geometrical/graphic foot tattoo designs

Personal symbolism for a foot tattoo

It is becoming more and more fashionable to have different tattoos that do not have specific connection. You simply litter your body with whatever it is you fancy. While some people might think this looks trash, to others this is the point. Choose anything that you fancy and whack it on as a tattoo. Whether a cartoon, a traditional tattoo design (such as a Sailor Jerry tattoo), a funny phrase, a beloved pet or whatever you like. As long as it is personal to you, it will add to your own personal symbolism.

Mandala tattoo on the foot

A mandala is a representation of the universe and a sacred symbol for many religions and philosophies. It is perhaps especially associated with Buddhism, at least in the West. This figure represents radial balance and reflects a sense of proportion thanks to its geometric pattern. There are many creative designs, as not all mandalas are the same. Choose one which works great for you. Because they have a concentric pattern, they can be great for the bottom of the feet, if you have the stamina.

Find out if this is the foot tattoo idea for you with our article on the meaning of mandala tattoos.

Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Mandala tattoo on the foot

Animal tattoos for the foot

What's your spirit animal? What animal do you think best represents your personality? Heck, what animal do you find the cutest? Whatever your answer is to these questions, it may provide the inspiration for your new foot tattoo design. Some people really associate with certain animals as they feel they represent something either about themselves or how they see the world. The animal which comes to mind when you think of this may just be your next foot tattoo. You may also have a specific animal such as a pet which has been special in your life or which reminds you of a special time. These may also be the feet tattoo idease for you.

Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos - Animal tattoos for the foot

More original ideas for tattoo on the foot

A barcode, a secret message, coordinates, a brand logo, literally anything you can draw, you can put on a foot tattoo. Even better, the more unique the design, the more personal it will be. Choose the part of the foot that you prefer, even the sole if you want. Just remember all parts of the feet are sensitive areas, so bear in mind you might need to put up with a little discomfort.

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Best Ideas for Feet Tattoos