Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas

By Anaƫlle Laurent. April 28, 2020
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas

Star constellation tattoos are simple and classy tattoos that will never go out of style. They are also personal tattoos as they connect the star constellation to astrology and each person's zodiac sign. For these reasons and more, they are one of the most requested tattoos by ink lovers.

In this oneHOWTO article, we're going to show you the best star constellation tattoo ideas according to your zodiac sign. We include many images to help you feel inspired and explain the meaning behind these tattoos.

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Star constellation tattoos and their meaning

Constellation tattoos can actually follow whatever pattern you. You can simply ask your tattoo artist to connect the stars differently. They may even be able to do this is a freehand tattoo style. This way, you can make the star constellation you have chosen your own. If not, you can always follow an actual constellation or the one corresponding to your zodiac sign.

Star constellation tattoos can symbolize the story behind the constellation you have chose. It can symbolize your zodiac sign, or even your love for looking up at the stars.

Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas - Star constellation tattoos and their meaning

Zodiac constellation tattoos and their meanings

Many people choose a star constellation tattoo that represents their zodiac sign. Below, we include a graph with all the zodiac signs and their corresponding star constellation. We'll also share what each of these constellations mean and represent for each zodiac sign according to astrology.

  • Virgo constellation tattoo: in relation with the Virgo zodiac sign, this tattoo represents precision, wit, and meticulousness. Those born under this zodiac sign shine for being practical, organized and hardworking. This constellation perfectly represents a balanced and peaceful life.
  • Taurus constellation tattoo: this tattoo is perfect for strong, determined and persistent people. Taurus like to live surrounded by love, peace and loyalty. If you feel identified with this zodiac symbol and what it represents, this may be the constellation for you.
  • Sagittarius constellation tattoo: Sagittarius is the most creative, artistic, and adventurous zodiac sign. The Sagittarius constellation tattoo symbolizes that lifestyle and values. If you are also an honest and optimistic person that is always ready to discover new paths, you may feel most identified with this star constellation tattoo.
  • Pisces constellation tattoo: People with the Pisces sign are characterized by being sensitive, loving and fanciful. There are those who say that the dreams of a Pisces are impossible, but the truth is that they don't mind what others say. Pisces will work hard nevertheless and show their best to others.
  • Libra constellation tattoo: the constellation of this zodiac sign represents elegance and leadership. Libras are often rational and friendly. If you're a libra and you're proud of it, you could get a libra constellation tattoo.
  • Leo constellation tattoo: this tattoo represents passion and ambition. Leos are known to be hard workers and great leaders. They will overcome any obstacles and continue fighting for their dreams.
  • Gemini constellation tattoo: Geminis have great communication skills and are considered to be one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. This is because they tend to question everything until they can fully understand it. This sign represents the power of learning.
  • Scorpio constellation tattoo: those born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio are passionate, very emotional and somewhat mysterious. While it is true that they are competitive and creative people, they are also introverted and highly reflective.
  • Capricorn constellation tattoo: we come to one of the most astute signs of the zodiac. Capricorns stand out for their intelligence, good sense of humor and their incredible loyalty. Although it is true that they are quite reserved people, Capricorns have strong values that they are very loyal to.
  • Cancer constellation tattoo: Cancers are very sensitive individuals who are very self-aware. People born under this zodiac sign are very good friends and family. This star constellation tattoo symbolizes the love and attention they have for their loved ones.
  • Aries constellation tattoo: Aries are capable of overcoming any adversity, thanks to their bravery and energy. They are great competitors and learn fast, which is why they symbolize continuous improvement.
  • Aquarius constellation tattoo: Aquarians are always related to social justice, as they are eclectic, generous and protective people. They are usually charismatic and therefore very popular.
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas - Zodiac constellation tattoos and their meanings
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas -
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas -
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas -
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas -

Other constellation tattoos and their meaning

In addition to the zodiac signs, there are other very popular star constellation tattoos that you may want to consider if you are thinking of getting a star constellation tattoo. These are the most popular constellation tattoos apart from zodiac signs:

  • Cassiopeia constellation tattoo: the Cassiopeia constellation is used for finding which direction is north. It is no surprise then, that this star constellation tattoo represents always looking forward. This tattoo is popular amoung travellers as many also see it as a symbol for wanderlust.
  • Orion Constellation tattoo: this tattoo is closely tied to the god Osiris since in Egyptian mythology the star of Orion was often associated with him. This star constellation tattoo represents intelligence and skill.
  • Cygnus Constellation tattoo: as its name suggests, the swan constellation symbolizes serenity and elegance as well as majesty and power.
  • Dolphin constellation tattoo: this tattoo represents the death of a past lifestyle and the birth of a new phase. Therefore, it also implies the meaning of prosperity.
  • Lupus Constellation Tattoo: according to its legend, this constellation represents the image of Lycaon, an ancient king Acadia whom the gods punished and turned to a wolf. The wolf is an animal related to many spiritual teachings, as the represent faith and resistance. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to visit our article on the meaning behind wolf tattoos.
Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas - Other constellation tattoos and their meaning

Tattoos of the big bear and the little bear constellation

The big bear constellation is related to the myths of the Ursa Major. From Ancient Greece to Ancient Arab, there are many different myths related with this constellation. This constellation was given this name due to its shape.

The North Star is said to always remain fixed in the sky and point to the geographic north pole, making it always an important reference point that many now choose to tattoo. This tattoo is common amongst parents and their children or between siblings. This makes them popular tattoos which show love for family. The most common places to tattoo this constellation are the shoulder blade or on the forearm.

Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas - Tattoos of the big bear and the little bear constellation

Star Tattoos

Star constellation tattoos can be very creative, however, if you want to have more freedom in choosing your tattoo you may also consider getting a star tattoo. These allow you to be more creative as you can choose different types of art or combine them to your liking.

If you want to know more about these types of tattoos, take a look at our article on what is the meaning behind star tattoos.

Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas - Star Tattoos

Galaxy Tattoos

Galaxy tattoos include much more than stars or constellations, they also include planets and represent something different. Many people choose this tattoo as a reminder for their passion of mystery, curiosity or perhaps astronomy. These tattoos also allow for more creativity, as many people choose different styles to better represent themselves and the meaning they choose for their tattoo.

Best Star Constellation Tattoos Ideas - Galaxy Tattoos

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