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The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 27, 2019
The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas

One of the most personal ways to honor your furry friend and show your love for cats is to get a cat tattoo. If you don't want a massive tattoo that covers your body and are looking for something a bit more subtle and sweet, you've come to the right place. At oneHOWTO we'd like to show you the best small cat tattoo ideas so you can choose your favorite and adapt it to your style. You'll also find tips on the best places that will suit your brand new tattoo.

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  1. Cartoon cat tattoos
  2. Watercolor cat tattoo
  3. Minimalist cat tattoo
  4. Ethnic cat tattoo
  5. Cat paw print tattoo
  6. Tattoo of our cat's features
  7. Incomplete cat tattoo

Cartoon cat tattoos

If you absolutely adore cats but don't have one at home, you may have a favorite cat cartoon character that you can ink to your skin. Anything goes, no matter if it's a colored tattoo of Hello Kitty, a minimalist Pusheen, the Cheshire cat or Garfield. You can also go for something fun such as Simon's cat. The best places for these famous cat tattoos are on your lower stomach, your back and your ankle.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Cartoon cat tattoos

Watercolor cat tattoo

The latest trend in the tattoo world is the watercolor tattoo. This technique uses no outline and imitates the watercolor painting technique. One of the best small cat tattoo ideas is to brighten up a hidden area of your body with some color, or you can go for a minimalist black in different hues. The best places for this tattoo are: behind your ear, forearm and just below the side of your rib cage.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Watercolor cat tattoo

Minimalist cat tattoo

Another recent trend is to create minimalist tattoos by only using very thin lines. You can create a drawing using geometrical figures or curvy but simple designs, the choice is yours. These are ideal for hands, feet, toes and wrist.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Minimalist cat tattoo

Ethnic cat tattoo

Having a small tattoo doesn't mean having a boring tattoo. A beautiful idea for your cat tattoo is to fill in a cat silhouette with ethnic motifs, as if it were a mandala. Choose your favorite pattern and you're ready to go! Tattoo your ethnic cat tattoo on your shin, under your chest or the back of your neck.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Ethnic cat tattoo

Cat paw print tattoo

Another typical way to have your cat tattooed on you skin is by getting your cat's paw print and getting it tattooed on your skin. It may take some time to get your cat's paw print, but the result is amazing. These look great on your ankle, lower stomach, back or forearm.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Cat paw print tattoo
Image: pinterest

Tattoo of our cat's features

Apart from your cat's paw print, there are also more original ways of having your cat inked in a subtle and stylish way. Choose a feature that describes your cat the most, such as its beautiful green eyes, its long whiskers or its cute pink nose. Your chest, thigh, finger and leg are some of the preferred areas for this type of tattoo.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Tattoo of our cat's features
Image: pinterest

Incomplete cat tattoo

Do you share your passion for cats with someone else? If you want to have matching tattoos, then go for an incomplete tattoo that can only be whole when united with the other half. It's also a great idea if you share your pet as a couple. These tattoos are better inked in a place that is easy to put next to each other, such as the foot, finger or forearm.

The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas - Incomplete cat tattoo

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The Best Small Cat Tattoo Ideas