Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 20, 2019
Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs

Do you love lions? If you adore this magestic mammal, if you like tattoos, you are thinking of getting a tattoo of the absolute king of the jungle. But do you know the exact symbolic meaning of this tattoo design? Lions are animals that represent strength, courage, power, but they can also offer other underlying meanings, for example, that you are a free spirit, the kind of relationship you have with your inner nature, family bonding, and so on. In this oneHOWTO article we are going to discover the symbolic meaning of a lion tattoo so that you understand the amount of meanings that are related to this feline creature and decide if this is the message you want tattooed on your skin.

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Strength and liberty

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a lion is its ferocity, its strength and its danger. They are animals that have always been considered fierce and dangerous to the human being, in fact, they are the kings of the Savannah due to their authority over most of the other animals that live in their surroundings. So one of the meanings of a lion tattoo can relate to your own strength and courage, something that does not have to be physical, but a spiritual strength, a force that allows you to overcome any obstacle with your head raised high.

But in addition to this meaning of strength and courage, the lion also symbolizes freedom. Why? lions are animals that live freely in the Savannah, live in harmony with nature and their strength allows them to follow their life without hardly having any obstacles in their way. In this sense, a lion tattoo may mean that you are a person with a free spirit and that, when you draw a wild animal, you relate to this way of living wildly, in harmony with nature. Remember that there can only be one Lion in each pack, so they are not considered very sociable with their male counterparts.

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Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs - Strength and liberty

A tattoo that symbolizes your personal power

Lions have always been considered the representatives of power. Let us remember that, as we have already said, we consider them the kings of the forest, that is, the highest authority in their environment; this is why, in cultures such as the African or Hindu, these felines have always been part of their iconography and artistic expressions. They were considered the highest exponents in the order of nature and, therefore, were able to protect cities, buildings, and so on.

This is also the reason why, since ancient times, the lion was also a symbol that was associated with the more privileged classes of a society since, like they were the most powerful animals of their environment, these people were of yours.

If you decide to get a lion tattoo you should know that it can also reflect your personal power, that is, you do not need to be talking about economic or material power, but your own worth as a human being. It is a way of indicating that you are your own king and that you have the strength, the courage and the necessary power to live life as you really want.

Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs - A tattoo that symbolizes your personal power
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Family union: lion and lioness tattoo meaning

We can not ignore that, unlike other felines like tigers, lions are animals that live in herd and take care of their offspring a lot, this is why a lion tattoo of this type can also reflect the bonding you have with your family, how important your family world is to you.

You can go for a normal lion tattoo or a lioness tattoo since, in the background, these are the ones that are in charge of the protection of their cubs, of teaching them to hunt and to take care of them until they become adults. Lionesses too are symbols of femininity and the strength of women because they are the ones in charge of hunting, of maintaining the family nucleus and of procreating. This is why, if you are a strong woman, a lioness can be your perfect tattoo.

A symbol of protection

Because the lion is considered a powerful and strong animal, it has also been granted a symbolic meaning of protection and a faithful guardian. This is why their image is depicted in many buildings, paintings and sculptures of cultures around the world as they consider that having a lion there will provide protection in every way.

So if you decide to ask one of your favorite designers for such a tattoo you should know that one of the meanings of the lion tattoo may be related to the fact that you want to protect yourself, as if it were a lucky charm and a symbol of prosperity.

Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs - A symbol of protection
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The Rastafarian lion

A lion can be tattooed in thousands of ways, but there are some symbols that, when related to lions, have a specific meaning to them. The meaning of a Rastafarian Lion is somewhat different since it will be associated with the Rastafarian culture. We must bear in mind that the Judah lion is considered the representative of Selassie I, the emperor of Ethiopia and therefore the highest representative of the divinity and this culture. This king was very venerated among the Rastafarians because he was the first black monarch that ruled this country; therefore, he was considered as the "prophet of liberation."

If you have decided you want a Rastafari lion tattooed, you should know that, in addition to its connection with the power of Ethiopia, this tattoo may also be related to the teachings of this movement that is based on love, respect and tolerance for all living beings on Earth.

Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs - The Rastafarian lion

Lion head with crown meaning

Combining the symbols of the lion and the crown, a tattoo reinforces its meaning of and lioness, it's to reinforce your strength and power over life events. Again, this can also be applied to a lioness tattoo with a crown, which can be tattooed if you are a woman or want to honor a feminine member of your family. You may have triumphed and overcome bad moments in your life, so having a lion which symbolizes strength and the royal crown which means self-control and independence, the meaning of your tattoo will be complete. This tattoo is often use to cover up scars on the skin.

Lion & rose tattoo meaning

The meaning of rose tattoos combined with lions can have several meanings. Although a lion is courageous, a rose has thorns and cannot be touched even though it's beautiful. Thus, a lion and a rose can symbolize both the passion and desire of an individual, the will of a person to overcome their fear on their own and to show how you have changed and grown as a person, becoming a stronger individual.

Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs - Lion & rose tattoo meaning

Lion in triangle

Have you ever seen a lion in a triangle and wondered what it means? Although sometimes using a triangle is a cool way of framing your tattoo, a triangle is also an ancient symbol of masculinity (the inverted triangle symbolizing femininity). Thus, it can symbolize one's identity and strengthen the meaning of owning your own decisions, of pride for being who you are.

Apart from lion tattoo meanings, at oneHOWTO we also explain the symbolic meaning of several other animals such as owls, birds, elephants and wolves.

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Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs
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Symbolic Meaning of a Lion Tattoo - Ideas & Designs

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