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How to Do Natural Makeup At Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do Natural Makeup At Home

For some time now heavy looks are no longer in fashion. The trend is for a sober and simple appearance that is more natural but still very attractive. This is also reflected in make up as currently the fashion is for avoiding excess applications and instead opt for those that simply enhance the most beautiful facial features and take advantage of our natural beauty. If you want to look perfect everyday and be ready in just a few minutes then take note of this OneHowTo article in which we show you how to do natural makeup at home.

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Steps to follow:


Although this natural makeup 'washed face' effect will only take a very short time, there is one step that you can not skip. This is to prepare your skin before applying the make up, keep it moisturized and prevent drying from the cosmetic products.

When you have a thoroughly cleansed face you only have to apply a moisturizer across the face. In this way you will avoid your skin from absorbing the foundation and developing impurities. In addition, it is important that you also count on a special cream for the eye contour and apply this before the makeup as this area is much more sensitive and suffers greatly from the effects of ageing.

How to Do Natural Makeup At Home - Step 1

The next step is to unify the skin tone with a foundation. If you have the right one for you, perfect! You should always aim to get the tone to perfectly cover your skin and achieve a natural look that is not heavy, so try to use matte foundations that don't leave your skin oily or shiny.

Place a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and go picking it up gradually with the help of a brush to evenly apply it on the face. Blend the product well to remove excess and avoid looking like you are wearing a mask.

If you do not want to use foundation, daily moisturizers with color like BB or CC Cream are a perfect choice.

How to Do Natural Makeup At Home - Step 2

Once your skin has the same tone it is time to hide dark circles with a concealer to give a rested look that is awake and brighter. Choose a beige concealer that resembles the tone of your skin to erase those dark shadows under the eyes, or one in yellow should if your dark circles are very marked or have a purple or blueish tone.

To apply it, you only have to put a bit of product in the area and merge it with your skin by giving it little taps with your fingertips.

How to Do Natural Makeup At Home - Step 3

Following the correction, for a makeup that last longer and remains intact until the end of the day it is best to apply a light coating of translucent powder with a brush. Apply this to the T area of the face (forehead, cheeks and chin), as this is where there is more tendency to brightness due to skin oils. In case you want to have a more tanned appearance you can apply a little tanning powder.

How to Do Natural Makeup At Home - Step 4

In a 'washed face' or natural makeup effect, attractive and simple eyes can make a difference. To get natural looking eye makeup you must take into account as the following steps:

  • Apply on the upper eyelid eye shadows in light colors or pastels, this will brighten the look and not harden it.
  • Avoid thick and marked lines. Instead, you can finely delineate the upper lashes or use the so called invisible eye liner or tightlining, which consists of a black pencil outlining the upper lash line.
  • Finally, apply a single coat of mascara on the top lashes and ready!
How to Do Natural Makeup At Home - Step 5

As a final touch for a natural make up nothing beats giving some blush to the cheeks with a pink blush if your skin is light or peach tones if your skin is darker. The final step is lips. There are lots of nude tones to purchase, the type of tone you need to enhance your lips will depend on the color of your skin.

  • For fair skin, use pink, beige and peach tones
  • For tanned skin go for cherry or brown
  • For dark skin use brown or more burgundy tones
How to Do Natural Makeup At Home - Step 6

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How to Do Natural Makeup At Home