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How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup

We don't always feel like spending a lot of time doing up our eyes. Often for our normal day-to-day life, we just want to enhance our look a little with some simple steps. Have you ever wondered how to apply natural eye makeup without having to use too many products? In this OneHowTo article, we show you how to do it step by step. For a radiant, super fresh and flawless image in the same way as with you would have with other more fancier styles of makeup, remember that 'less is more' and a simple look can be the most beautiful of them all.

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Steps to follow:


To make sure your natural eye makeup looks great, first you have to even out your face's skin tone and hide those imperfections that stop it from looking smooth and soft. Just cover pimples, dark circles, blemishes and other impurities with a light concealer without overdoing it. Then, apply a liquid foundation across your face with a brush or sponge, but above all, make sure it is the same shade as your skin to get that natural look that we want to achieve.

If you apply your foundation with a sponge, a brilliant trick to make the effect look more natural is to pre-wet the sponge with a little water but don't forget to wring it out well so it's not too wet.

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How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup - Step 1

Once you've created the perfect canvas for applying other makeup products, there is nothing more flattering for a natural and beautiful appearance than highlighting parts of your face. How do you do it? Very easily! For this, you only need a highlighter and apply a dab it onto certain areas such as the inner eye area, the sides of your nose, the middle of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. With this, your skin will look brighter and fresher.


Now is the time to start to apply your natural eye makeup and the key is to first choose lighter shades of eye shadow or neutral tones for a soft look. Out of everything, you can opt for nude, beige, light grey, or precious pastel shades. Just apply this shadow onto the eyelid using an eye shadow brush. Then if you want to bring you more depth to your look, choose a slightly darker tone to use as a base and apply it right on the crease of your eyelid blending it outwards. Although, as you see in the image, a single shadow can look still very natural and flattering. This article on how to apply eye makeup according to the shape of your eye will help enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup - Step 3

You should avoid eyeliner at all costs as it takes away from the natural look that we are trying to achieve and also sharpens your look making it more suitable for dazzling night looks. Now if you want to lengthen your eyes and make them appear more expressive in a subtle way, we suggest invisible eyeliner or tightlining. This is where you draw a line along the edge underneath your top eyelashes with a black eyeliner pencil, preferably waterproof, trying to fill all the gaps between your lashes.

If you are the type of girl who cannot leave home without any eyeliner on your eyelids, then it's best to swap your classic black pencil with more natural tones like browns.

How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup - Step 4

Follow the two steps above and you'll be ready to show off a spectacular and beautiful natural beauty look. However, you can always make your look even more attractive by applying a little mascara. You can use transparent ones which are ideal for longer and thicker lashes without giving them color, or you can also apply a light layer of your normal mascara and voila!

How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup - Step 5

You can complete your natural eye makeup with bold lips using intense lipstick such as a bright red or, on the other hand, stick with your natural theme and put on a touch of clear lipgloss or one in light shades like pale pink or nude.

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How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup