How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes

Bulging eyes are characterized by being quite large and quite round, so they usually get all the attention, especially when they have had make up applied. It is always possible to slightly correct the shape of the eyes by implementing some make up tricks, and in this case, they must be designed to visually reduce size and give them a little more of that almond shape. Want to know how? Keep reading this OneHowTo article to discover how to apply makeup to bulging eyes and problem solved!

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Steps to follow:

To reduce the depth of bulging eyes the first trick is to extend the foundation to the eyelids, so that the tone is perfectly unified and then apply a concealer at the bottom of the eyes. Once this step is complete, your face ready to start applying make up for bulging eyes.


The choice of eye shadows is key to hiding bulging eyes and enhancing their beauty. Discard those bright or pearly shades and choose instead some darker and dull tones. Ideally, to make them look nice, combine two shades as follows:

  • Apply a clear and matte beige shadow over the entire lid, making sure it is perfectly faded. This will serve to unify the tone of the area.
  • Next, apply the dark shadow starting just next to the start of the upper lashes and spreading it to the rest of the basin of eyes, and always making strokes with the brush outwards so that your eyes acquire a more almond shape. This trick is very similar to the smoky eyes effect.
  • Finally, with a highlighting colour, give a point of light to the area just below the arch of the eyebrow. The result will be a much brighter and fresher look.
How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes - Step 2

The eye-liner is the best ally to apply make up for bulging eyes and make them look more elongated in shape. To achieve this effect, the key is to apply your eyeliner perfectly from the middle of the upper lashes outward. When finished, you can leave it as is or merge and integrate it with the rest of shade. Also outline the lower water line slightly to make your eyes smaller and give depth to your look.


Finally, all that is left is to shape your eyelashes. And for those bulging eyes, mascara should be applied only in the eye lashes furthest from the tear gland, avoiding applying make up to the inner part of the eye. Use before curling your eyelashes to have a greater curvature and have them look longer.

How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes - Step 4

And for the rest of the makeup, we recommend a natural look, do not overdo it as the eye makeup is already pretty intense and dark, so it's best to keep the rest simple. With a touch of blush on the cheeks and lipstick in light or neutral tones like nude, pink or peach you'll look gorgeous.


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How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes
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How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes

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