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How to Make Big Eyes Look Smaller

By Sara . Updated: March 1, 2017
How to Make Big Eyes Look Smaller

When we look at a person, the first thing we usually notice is their eyes. The color of their eyes, the shape and even the size of one’s eyes create a great impression on the person you meet. If you want to change your look, then changing even one aspect i.e. their color or size can be extremely effective. On the physical front you may neither be able to change the color and size. But you can always opt for colored contact lenses to experiment with eye color and makeup to change the size. If you are wondering how to make big eyes look smaller then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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  1. A little less or no mascara
  2. Waterlining
  3. Skip the fake eyelashes
  4. Use deep matte eye shadows
  5. Droopy effect
  6. The eyebrow arch
  7. Yes to smokey eyes and long winged eyeliner
  8. Distract the attention from your eyes

A little less or no mascara

Mascara is a huge eye-opener …. literally. Not only does it open your eyes, it makes them look bigger and brighter. So, if you have big doe eyes then you should let go of mascara completely to make them look smaller. In case you are one of those people whose day never begins without mascara then you can compensate by applying it only on your bottom lashes. Just make sure that you apply a teeny-tiny bit because too much mascara on the lower lashes can make them look spidery and unappealing.


Use an eyeliner pencil and make a tight black line just above the lower lashes. Apply the eyeliner between the roots of your lashes. This will have a shrinking effect making your eyes look smaller than they naturally are. Apply the eyeliner on the upper lashes, making sure you apply it in between each of the lashes. Intensify the eyeliner on your inner corner or tear duct to create a longer shape.

Use a soft sharp eyeliner pencil so that it is easy to maneuver it in the lash line. This is also important in order to avoid the eyeliner from smudging, as this will only make your eyes rounder.

You should also avoid light colored eyeliner such as blue, light green or white eyeliner.

How to Make Big Eyes Look Smaller - Waterlining

Skip the fake eyelashes

The sole purpose of big fake eye lashes is to pop open your eyes. So, if you have big eyes and are trying to make them look smaller then stay away from the fake eye lashes.

If you are a fake lash kind of gal, our advice is to go for the absolute longest lashes you can find. Wearing long lashes that will hide the size of your eye lid can help make your eyes smaller. However, it's not recommended if you're going for a natural look.

Use deep matte eye shadows

The eyes appear smaller when the color on the lids is too dense or too flat. So, opt for deep, matte eye shadows instead of shimmery tones. We advise you to go for grey, dark brown or brown tones. Apply from the outside of your lower lid eyelid, and extend towards the center.

Apply the same tone of eye shadow with a concealer brush to your lower lid as close as possible to the lash line and bring it up to your crease.

How to Make Big Eyes Look Smaller - Use deep matte eye shadows

Droopy effect

To create the droopy effect, apply a darker eye shadow tone on the inner side of your eyelid. Choose a darker brown, black or grey. Apply the eye shadow from the start of the eye outwards, making sure you don't go over the crease of your eye. Also, make sure that you don’t use too much eye shadow on the upper corners of the eyelids as it will lift your eyes making them look much bigger.

Apply the darker eye shadow right next to your waterline and blend with the slightly lighter tone.

The eyebrow arch

To lock your eye frame, apply a light colored eye shadow across your eyebrow arch, this will highlight the dark colors below and frame your eyes to make them look smaller. Make sure you don't get to the corner of the eye or it will have the opposite effect we're searching for.

Yes to smokey eyes and long winged eyeliner

Smoky eye makeup applied in the right way can make them look smaller. This is due to the dark colors used. However, you should never use just one shade of black, as this will create one big block and create too much of a focus due to the "panda effect". Instead, make sure you learn to blend in a lighter color (lighter means a lighter shade than black such as grey or a rusty tone, never a light shade such as white, sky blue etc...) in the inner lid to cut your eyelid into sections.

Small winged eyeliner will pop open your eyes. But long winged eyeliner will make them look smaller as it will elongate your eyes and make them look more almond-shaped. Also, lining all around the eyes can make them look smaller.

Distract the attention from your eyes

If you don't want your eyes to be the focus of attention, another useful tip is to highlight another of your features. Make sure you know how to apply makeup for big eyes first. Here are a few tips to give your face another look:

  • Make sure you keep your eyes simple, following the basics of the tips mentioned above without applying any extra color or volume to your eyes.
  • Use a lip gloss or shimmer lipstick to highlight this feature and take focus off the eyes.
  • If you're contouring, make sure you don't highlight your eye area, apply the darker shade from the tear duct and down the sides of your nose.
  • Do not apply blush on the center of your cheekbones but rather apply it under them and following it upwards and towards the sides of your face.
  • Don't comb your hair so you have a center parting, create contrast by parting your hair to the side.
  • Long bangs will also help to make your eyes look smaller too. You don't need to go all Sia, but a long fringe can cover part of your eyelids if they are very big.
  • If you have circles under your eyes, make sure you don't use an illumination to hide them. Instead, go for a much matter concealer that will not highlight the area.
How to Make Big Eyes Look Smaller - Distract the attention from your eyes

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  • Make sure you don't apply any eye shadow to the outer part of your lower lid as this would create a more circular eye effect and could even make your eyes look more droopy.
  • Avoid highlighting your tear duct and metallic or shiny eye shadows.
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