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How To Apply Makeup To Big Eyes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 8, 2017
How To Apply Makeup To Big Eyes

Women with big eyes are very fortunate, as big eyes are one of the most powerful weapons in seduction, giving their owner a mysterious and exotic look. What's more, it's pretty easy to apply makeup to big eyes, you only need to take into account some tricks to help further enhance their appeal and get them looking in perfect harmony and balance with your other facial features. If you want to learn how to make the most out of your eyes, do not miss the tips in this oneHOWTO article how to apply makeup to big eyes.

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Steps to follow:


Apply the right type of foundation. As always, before starting eye makeup, you must prepare your skin. To make big eyes look smaller, cleanse thoroughly with an adequate cleansing lotion and apply a moisturizing cream for your skin type. Then create a balanced skin tone by applying your foundation (also on the eyelids) and seal this with a little translucent powder. These steps will allow for perfect makeup that lasts for hours.

How To Apply Makeup To Big Eyes - Step 1

Apply eye primer. Apply the primer to help your eye makeup last longer on your eyelid, up to the beginning of your eyebrow. Use highlighter only on the bridge of the eyebrow, this will help frame the eye further later on when playing with eye shadow.

Remember to use a proper concealer to get rid of dark circles under your eyes but be careful with the color of your concealer. Make sure it's not lighter than your skin, this will make you look like a panda and totally ruin your overall look. Use the same shade concealer as that of your foundation. If concealer isn't enough, you can simply remove it with this simple red lipstick trick.

How To Apply Makeup To Big Eyes - Step 2

When applying makeup to big eyes the aim is not to exaggerate their size, but rather to highlight their natural beauty. However, there are two options, to make your eyes stand out in style as your highlighted feature, or to make them look smaller so you can highlight other parts of your face such as your lips.

Makeup to highlight big eyes

If you want natural and bright makeup, you can opt for eye shadows in soft tones with just a touch of shimmer to convey brightness. Use a dark shimmer eye shadow base on your mobile and upper eyelid in a terracotta, coral or pink tone and use some glitter that goes with the color of your choice for flawless eyes only on your lower lid, spreading it towards the tip of your eye for a more almond-shaped eye. Use a smoky darker shade on the crease to finally frame your eyes and voilà!

Makeup for smaller eyes

On the other hand, dark tones and matte eye shadows are perfect for balancing the size of your eyes with your other facial features and make your eyes stand out. We advise you to try a smoky eye makeup style, which will help highlight your look and the natural color of your eyes. Also apply the shadow along your lower lashes for a more intense makeup look. For more tips, take a look at our article on how to make your eyes look smaller.


Blend well. If your eyes are large but also very round, a good makeup trick to visibly lengthen them is to blend eye shadow right to the outer part of the eye, i.e. right in the crease, in a "V" shape. This gives you an almost almond shaped eye. It is important not to exaggerate this effect, as it could look too artificial.


Apply eyeliner properly. Black eyeliner is large eyes' best ally. As you know, applying this cosmetic product to the lower eyelid dwarfs eyes, but this look will be ideal for you and you will impress with a super intense and deep look. For a softer look, use eyeliner on your lower lid just halfway around, without reaching the tear duct.

Apply black eyeliner to the lower inner lid and also draw thin line flush on the upper lashes if you want to lengthen the shape of your eyes. To do this properly, we recommend you view this video How to apply eyeliner according to eye shape step-by-step.

How To Apply Makeup To Big Eyes - Step 5

Use mascara on upper lashes. And finally, simply apply a good coat of mascara to the upper lashes to dazzle with stunning eye makeup. Avoid putting this product on the lower lashes if you do not want your eyes looking bigger and more expressive than they already are. Use an eyelash curler if you don't have long lashes, this will further frame your eyes and make them stand out without making them look too big.

Using fake eyelashes is not ideal for big eyes, though, if you do, it's better to use some that are nicely spread out, with a higher thickness of lashes at the corners rather than the center.


Once known as the most flattering makeup tricks known for big eyes, it is also important to take into account the following mistakes which might actually compromise their beauty. So, it is preferable to avoid:

  • Framing your eyes with light shadows around the lower eyelid. This will make your eyes look smaller and, if you use a darker tone on the upper lid, will create a strange frame for your eye. Blend several light tones if you do want a more discreet eye shadow color.
  • Highlighting the corner of your eye. This is a common mistake made when using heavy makeup. This is only acceptable when making your eye makeup simple.
  • Shape your eyebrows to frame your eye, not to elongate it. Thus, choose thick and bridged eyebrows rather than thin and elongated, though this will also depend on the shape of your face.
  • Applying white or beige eyeliner to the lower inner lid. This will only make your eyes protrude, making you look like you're trying too hard to open your eyes as wide as you can.
  • Do not use glossy lipstick or a very bright color if you've decided to highlight your eyes or you will risk overdoing it. Choose just one feature to highlight.
  • Using light colored eyeliners. Electric blue, light purple, green tones ... these will not only look extra tacky but will just create a weird effect altogether. Keep the colored lining to the upper lid and only a thin line if you must.
  • Using too much concealer. Applying too much of it will create a contrast effect you'll want to avoid, not only creating a weird mask effect, but putting too much focus on the eyes area.

Learn how to apply makeup according to your eye shape for the best results.

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How To Apply Makeup To Big Eyes