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The Best Eyebrow Shape for Big Eyes

By Sara . February 28, 2017
The Best Eyebrow Shape for Big Eyes

The shape of our eyebrows has a great impact on our face. The right eyebrow shape can make you look beautiful by attracting vision on all the right part. People believe that the shape of eyebrow depends only on the shape of our face. But beauticians know that to create the perfect eyebrow, the size of eyes should also be taken into account along with shape of face. In this oneHOWTO article we will tell you the best eyebrow shape for big eyes.

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Types of eyebrow shapes

Before deciding which shape of eyebrow is best for big eyes let’s have a look at the types of eyebrow shapes you can create, as well as knowing other tricks to make big eyes look smaller.

Rounded eyebrow

Rounded eyebrows are curved with no angle. It goes well with angled faces with sharp features.

Soft angled eyebrow

This means angled eyebrows with a soft curve. The angle in this eyebrow is not so sharp. It looks best on round or curved faces.

Hard angled eyebrow

This angled eyebrow has a sharp angle which can be seen distinctly. It looks best on people with short face.

S-Shaped eyebrow or curved eyebrow

This eyebrow roughly looks like an “S”. It looks like a hybrid between the sharp angle eyebrow and the curve eyebrow. This unique shaped eyebrow suits all face but it looks best on people with diamond shaped face.

Flat eyebrow

As the name suggests, flat eyebrows are completely shaped eyebrow with no angle and no curve. People with long face can go for flat eyebrow as it makes a long face appear short.

The Best Eyebrow Shape for Big Eyes - Types of eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow shape for big eyes

The best eyebrow shape mainly depends on the shape of your face. Also, it depends on the size of your eyes. If you have big bulging eyes then it’s obvious that you won’t be interested in making them even bigger. In such case the perfect eyebrow comes in handy. The best eyebrow shape for people with big doe eyes is a round eyebrow. Round eyebrows will make your eyes look more appealing rather than looking bulging. Round eyebrows soften the effect of big eyes and brings balance to the overall look on your face.

If round eyebrows don’t suit your face then you can opt for eyebrows with a high arch. High arches create the optical illusion of smaller or normal sized eye.

If you are wondering how the arch of eyebrow can affect the size of eye then let’s do an experiment. Observe the size of the sun during the afternoon and then during sunset or sunrise. You will find that during noon, the size of the sun is smaller as compared to that during sunset or sunrise. This is because during sunset or sunrise the sun is nearer to the horizon while during other times sun is up in the sky and comparatively far away from the land. So, using simple science you can advise others too about the shape of their eyebrow according to their eye size.

Make sure your eyebrows have an even thickness too, making the tips of your eyebrows too pointed will make your face look too aggressive. Take a look at our tutorial on how to get Cara Delevingne eyebrows to get the step by step look that will make your eyes smaller.

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The Best Eyebrow Shape for Big Eyes