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How to Apply Eye Illuminator

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Apply Eye Illuminator

The illuminator is a cosmetic product which we use to bring light to the face and improve our make up. We can apply illuminators in certain strategic areas to enhance the beauty of facial features and dazzle with a great appearance every day. You can get a lot out of this product and use it to get greater breadth to eyes and hide dark circles and fatigue. Read this OneHowTo article to discover how to apply eye illuminator and get beautiful and lively eyes.

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Steps to follow:


Before looking at how to apply eye illuminator it is important to be aware of what this product is good for and the effects it can offer your eyes:

  • It helps to get a look that is awake and light, reducing the visibility of signs of fatigue and dark circles.
  • It provides greater definition to the brow bone, making the eye lid slightly raised and therefore giving a more youthful appearance.
  • It widens eyes and makes them appear larger, so it is ideal for women who have small eyes and want to emphasize their expressiveness.
  • The brightness and freshness that it gives the eye area rejuvenates the face in general and allows mature skin to appear less aged.
How to Apply Eye Illuminator - Step 1

The illuminator is a cosmetic that you can find in several forms, either liquid, cream or powder. According to the texture you choose you will apply it in one way or another to make the finish impeccable. In the case of choosing a liquid or cream illuminator, it is best to put a small amount in the area and spread it with your fingers by gently patting it. If you prefer those in powder you will have to apply it with a brush specific for this purpose.

Remember that less is more and that although it is a product that gives light and favors the face we should not overdo the amount applied. If too much is used we could get the opposite effect and look very whitish in areas or get a 'panda' effect that is not at all nice.


Where to apply it? Placing the illuminator in appropriate points of the face is essential for this product to meet its function. In this case we will focus on the eye area, so to make use of it you must apply it in the areas detailed below:

  • On the outside of the tear duct, the area between the lacrimal and nasal septum. This is ideal to add light and open to the look.
  • Just below the arch of the eyebrow and above this to make the eyelid look lifted and skin young and radiant.
  • Under the lower lashes to cover dark circles and illuminate the area in cases of eye bags.

After placing it on these points be sure to even it out until it has completely blended with the skin for a natural and beautiful finish.

How to Apply Eye Illuminator - Step 3

It is important that, if you are going to unify the facial skin tone with a foundation and then hide imperfections with the help of a corrector, you apply the eye Illuminator after using these cosmetics. Thus, the effects of the three products will be perfect and will allow you to get a perfect look. Of course, you should never apply the illuminator after applying tanning or translucent powder as these product are used to seal the make up as a finishing touch and make it stay intact for longer.


Do not forget to choose the illuminator tone according to the color of your skin and so avoid an artificial or heavy appearance. At the time of purchase test a small quantity and spread it on the back of the wrist to see what tone fits your skin best, this will ensure you make the right decision.

In addition to using an illuminator in the eye area you can also use it to give light to other parts of the face and make it more beautiful. Our suggestions are as follows:

  • In the upper part of the cheekbones to stylize the face.
  • In the nasal septum and nostrils to mask the shadows that are created in this area.
  • In the central area of the chin to contour the face and give it a nicer shape.
  • In the central area of forehead to give more light to the face.

You can see more details in the article how to apply an highlighter makeup.

How to Apply Eye Illuminator - Step 5

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How to Apply Eye Illuminator