Long lasting makeup

The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 16, 2021
The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

Have you left the house with perfect makeup then come home and there is no trace of it? This is an aesthetic problem that many women face on a daily basis, because the oiliness of the face, the cosmetics that are used and environmental factors may cause the make up to disappear within hours. If you want to avoid this and stay just as beautiful as when you left home, do not miss the tips in this OneHowTo article. We reveal the best tips for long lasting and flawless makeup, including those used by professional makeup artists.

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Steps to follow:


The main key to lasting makeup is applying all cosmetics to perfectly clean skin free of impurities. Clean your face every time you use makeup and do not forget to then apply a suitable moisturizer for your skin type. This will create a protective barrier on the skin and it won't absorb the foundation, so you can keep your face perfectly made up for hours.

The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup - Step 1

If you have a very long and busy day ahead but want makeup that stays intact until you get home, a pre-base or primer is the product you need. It keeps your makeup on longer and helps you get much smoother, flawless skin.


Applying a light coat of translucent powder just after the base, is one of the best tricks for lasting makeup. And not only that, they provide a natural finish and an incredible velvety feel to the skin, as well as preventing shine that ruins the makeup and gives an unflattering oily appearance to the face.

The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup - Step 3

There are commercial lotions that are particularly suitable for fixing makeup and one that's favored by the professionals is the magnificent effect of thermal water. You only have to spray a thin layer of this product to your face when you finish your makeup, and you'll notice instantly that your skin is more fresh, soft and pretty.

The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup - Step 4

Eyeliner is ideal for enhancing the expressiveness of your eyes, yet it is one of the most difficult cosmetics to keep on. Natural eye moisture coupled with environmental factors can cause the make up to break down, leaving black spots around the eyes. How to avoid it? It's simple; a safe option is to opt for water resistant liners and another is to first apply a primer to your eyes and once it's applied, seal it by applying an eyeshadow of the same or a similar colour over the top.


Lipsticks are also tricky cosmetics to keep on for a long time, so it's no wonder that many women carry lipstick in their purse. If you want to make your lipstick last longer, we suggest lining both your upper and lower lip with a pencil the same shade as the lipstick just before you use it. Your lip colour will look more intense and you won't have to retouch it so often.

The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup - Step 6

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The Best Tips For Long Lasting Makeup