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Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: August 2, 2020
Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest

Indian weddings are special, as they are full of colors, lights, food, dresses, music and much more. The bride remains the center of attraction at a wedding, but people are likely to note your dress and make up too, even if you are guest at it. Whether it is your relative’s wedding or a distant friend’s, you always want to look picture perfect, and stand out of the crowd. In addition to choosing the perfect dress, you need to pay attention to your makeup as well. Read this oneHOWTO article to find step by step instructions for simple makeup for Indian wedding guest.

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  1. Prep your skin
  2. Don’t skip the primer
  3. Apply foundation
  4. Apply your eye shadow
  5. Apply kajal and eye liner
  6. Curl lashes
  7. Apply mascara
  8. Apply blush
  9. Apply lip colors

Prep your skin

Make your skin ready for the upcoming wedding guest makeup. First of all, it is important to clean your face with a gentle cleanser and tap it dry. Then apply some moisturizer on your face, and leave for 15 minutes so that the moisturizer can completely seep in your skin.

Don’t skip the primer

Many people directly move on to their bottle of foundation right after washing their face or applying the moisturizer. This is wrong. You should never skip applying face primer before applying foundation. A primer will work as a barrier between the foundation and your skin, and make your foundation last longer.

Apply foundation

After applying primer, applying your foundation will become much easier and smoother. Whether you are applying cream, mousse or liquid foundation, mix it with a little loose powder, and apply evenly on your face. There is powder form of foundation also available in the market. The choice depends on your personal preferences and ease of use. Make sure it matches your skin tone perfectly or the foundation may show and your simple makeup for Indian wedding guest may end up looking like a canvas.

Thus, spread the foundation from inwards towards the outer part of your face, making sure it is evenly spread.

Apply your eye shadow

The best trick is ‘not’ to match your eye shadow with your dress, instead it should complement your outfit’s colors. The color of eye shadow that you use should be opposite of the color of your dress. Use a flat brush to apply the eye shadow, and then blend using a fluffy, dome-shaped brush. Apply darker color on your eye’s crease, and then follow with a highlighter until your brow bone. This trick is helpful in softening any blunt lines that may not look good in your makeup.

We advise you to use a shimmer shadow for the outer eye shadow tone for this easy makeup for Indian guest.

Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest - Apply your eye shadow

Apply kajal and eye liner

Apply black kajal in your waterline, and then apply black eye liner along the lash line. There are liquid, gel and pencil based eye liners that you can choose from. Winged liner shapes look great on Indian women, but you should never mix smokey eye makeup with bright lip colors. Smokey eyes should go with nude lips, while neutral eyes best complement with bright lips. So, make your choice accordingly. You may be interested in reading How apply makeup to small eyes and How to cover dark circles with makeup.

Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest - Apply kajal and eye liner

Curl lashes

Use an eye curler to awaken your eyes and make them look lively and energetic. Some people apply mascara first, and then curl their lashes. But you should always do the other way round, and this may break your lashes.

Apply mascara

Starting from your lashes’ roots, wiggle the brush in a zigzag motion until you reach the tips. This trick is best to add volume to your lashes.

Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest - Apply mascara

Apply blush

Apply blush on your cheeks using upward movements. Smile in the mirror and apply the blush on the highest points of your cheeks. Blend it on your cheeks using a big fat brush. Use a blush with a light shimmer to it, but make sure it's only one or two tones darker than your skin.

Apply lip colors

Before you start your lip makeup, give them some moisture by applying some lip balm first. Then use a lip pencil to line your lips and fill the entire lips with the liner. This will give a good base to your lip color. Run a single coat of the lipstick on this coat, and remove any smudges using a tissue. The color of your lips is up to your touch, we recommend using a matte lipstick as your eyes will already be glossy enough.

Then apply a little powder on your lips. This will make your lip color last longer. Apply one more coat of the lipstick and press using a tissue. This lip makeup will not lose color even if you drink and eat anything.

Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest - Apply lip colors

Now that you're done with your simple makeup for Indian wedding guest, you only need to walk through the wedding party with confidence, and do not forget to wear that million dollar smile. When you reach back home, don't forget to remove this makeup before going to bed.

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Simple Makeup for Indian Wedding Guest