The Best Peach Blush for Indian Skin

By Nidhi Nangia. October 3, 2018
The Best Peach Blush for Indian Skin

The color which we choose to apply to our skin plays a crucial role in determining the way in which we look. Some colors can make a person look more washed out and dull, while others will help you look both fresher and brighter. Due to the changing weather conditions and somewhat harsh sun rays in the country, Indian women can sometimes experience a particularly hard time finding the right makeup for their skin.

Indian skin tone is beautiful, but can, as with any other skin tone, come with its own share of challenges. Peach, is considered one of the best colors for an Indian skin tone for being neither too bright nor too dull. For more, keep reading this oneHOWTO article and find out how to get the best peach blush for Indian skin.

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Blush for Indian skin tone

Indian women have one makeup product which has proven to be difficult to live without; blush. Blush adds a hint of color to the apples of your cheeks, keeping you looking fresh all day. Many women, however, choose the first pink blush that they find. But, this is not recommended. As with any other makeup product, one has to choose the color or shade suitable to their own complexion. In order to do this, one needs to understand and familiarize themselves with both the tone and undertone of their skin.

Keep reading to find out how to understand what your specific skin tone and undertone is.

The Best Peach Blush for Indian Skin - Blush for Indian skin tone

Understanding your skin tone

Understanding your skin and undertone of your skin is key for buying the right skin tone for you!

Makeup commonly comes in three set shades; warm, neutral or cool. Warm, cool and neutral undertones are the tones that underline your skin affecting your general hue. For example:

  • Warm undertone have hints of golden, peachy and yellow.
  • Cool undertones have hints of pink, blue and ruddy (healthy red).
  • With a neutral undertone, no obvious overtone of sallow or pink is evident, but the natural color of your skin is prevalent.

There are different ways in which you can determine the undertone of your skin. One example includes looking at the inside of your arm. If your veins are of blue-ish color, you carry a cool undertone, if they are green, you hold a warm undertone, and if they appear purple, you are considered to have a neutral undertone.

In addition, some people say that if you tan easily, this means you have a warm undertone. If you do not, it is said that you have a cool undertone.

The Best Peach Blush for Indian Skin - Understanding your skin tone

Peach blush for Indian skin

Now that you know how to determine the tone of your skin, you can opt between a cool or warm blush. For example, if your skin undertone is cool, using cool-toned blush on your skin may make your face look overly pink. The trick is to select a neutral blush shade with only a slight hint of your undertone. You don’t want your blush to appear too: yellow, pink or ashen.

If you have a cool undertone, then the blush you choose should appear slightly pinkish in its palette. If you have a warm undertone, then your blush should have a hint of gold or yellow and should be subtle.

If your skin color is medium to dark with a reddish undertone, then we recommend using a peach blush that carries a hint of brownish red. If your undertone is somewhat olive, give a gold toned blush a try!

Best peach blush for your skin shade:

  • Fair skin: If you have fair or light skin, then the best blush shade for you would be: peach, light coral and soft pink. Soft pink will give a natural look to your skin, while peach shade will apply a pop of color. Try to wear a peachy coral shade to get a natural look if you have a warm undertone.
  • Medium skin: If you have medium skin color, then try a deep peach, warm mauve and rich pink shades. If you have a pink or cool undertone, you should use mauve or rich pink shades to get a natural look, while deep peach shade for a pop of color. If you have a golden or warm undertone, you should opt for a deep peach shade for a natural look.
  • Dark skin: Indian women having dark skin tone look wonderful in warm brown, berry, fuchsia, tangerine and raisin blush shades. Cream blush is a great way to achieve high impact color still having a natural look. If yours is a pink or cool undertone, then wear light berry or fuchsia shades to look natural and tangerine for pop of color. If you have a golden or warm undertone, then wear tangerine or warm brown for natural look, and berries and pinks for pop of color.

If you want to achieve a natural look, you should choose the blush that has the same undertone as your skin. However, if you want to sport a bold look while flaunting colors, then choose a blush that is the opposite of your skin’s undertone. Therefore, if you have a yellow and warm undertone, then choose a warm shade of blush to get a natural look, while a cool shade of blush will give you a bold and colorful look.

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The Best Peach Blush for Indian Skin
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The Best Peach Blush for Indian Skin

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