Applying eye makeup for small eyes

How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 23, 2022
How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes

Makeup as well as making us look more attractive and have flawless skin is also perfect to change and enhance some of our facial features. If your eyes are rather small and you would like highlight them and make them appear larger you can find the solution in a few simple makeup tricks. Discover the most important in the following OneHowTo article on how to apply makeup for small eyes and get ready to show off a more intense and striking look.

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Steps to follow:


Clear eye shadow

Light colours are ideal for applying makeup to small, they provide brightness and greater breadth to the look. Pastels, earth tones or pearlescent colours are the ones that work best to enhance these kind of eyes. Another great option is to give depth using two colours. First apply a base shadow, choose a light beige to apply to the upper eyelid and then take a darker tone to apply on the outside of the upper eyelid eye socket.

Discard colours that are too dark and matte colours, they will make your eyes look even smaller. The key is to get a bright and radiant look.

How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes - Step 1

Evening makeup

To dazzle with nice evening makeup, small eyes do not have to give up the fashionable smoky effect. In fact it can be successful as long as not following the classic black and opt for other tones such as gray, ochre or experiment with smoked metallic colours,perfect to brighten.


Avoid eyeliner

Eyeliner is a great enemy when it comes to applying makeup for small eyes. Eyeliner is a practice that dwarfs the eyes and tightens the look. It is preferable to avoid using them or if we want to mark expression, draw a fine line flush with the upper lashes.

Also avoid drawing liner on the inside line of the eye or do so with a natural beige eyeliner which will serve to enlarge the eyes. Girls with brown or honey eyes will also benefit from drawing along the water line with a pencil in green.


Long, voluminous lashes

Choosing the right mascara is essential when applying makeup to small eyes to make them appear larger. Opt for an extension and volume effect mascara. Start by using an eyelash curler to curl them and apply mascara with the brush ascenders leading from the inner to the outer lashes. Alternatively, you can try some natural methods to curl your eyelashes. With it, you get enlarged eyes and an almond shape to the eyes which is very pretty and feminine.

How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes - Step 4

Populated and defined eyebrows

Another very valuable trick to conceal the small size of our eyes is to have bushy and well defined eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows are always perfectly waxed/tweezed so the area is clear of stray hairs. If you need to apply makeup on them, use a pencil that is the same colour as your eyebrows and fill the gaps and voids slightly.

How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes - Step 5


And finally, we cannot forget about applying illuminator, a key cosmetic to give light and enhance the effect of spaciousness. Apply a few spots of light on the tear duct in the lower part of the eye and just below the eyebrow.


Intense lips

Natural make-up that leaves all the attention on the lips is part of the latest trends and also it is perfect for making eyes look larger. This is a very marked contrast with bold lip colours with a neutral skin and only applying a light coat of mascara to the eyes. The result is a natural and very classy makeup.

How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes - Step 7

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How Apply Makeup to Small Eyes