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The Best Makeup for Strawberry Blonde Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 13, 2020
The Best Makeup for Strawberry Blonde Hair

Probably the tastiest of hair colors, strawberry blonde is a highly sought after hair color. The shade gets its name from the Italian renaissance, when women used lemon juice and saffron to bleach their hair in the sun's rays. Lighter than red hair, it is quite rare to find people with natural strawberry blonde hair. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with this coloring but need some guidance when it comes to makeup, you've found the perfect helpline. OneHOWTO will advise you on the best makeup for strawberry blonde hair so you can keep some tips and tricks up your sleeve.

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Makeup for strawberry blondes

Makeup for strawberry blonde hair depends entirely on whether you want to enhance the reds in your hair or tone them down. Likewise, skintone is a huge factor in deciding what makeup will suit you and your hair. We encourage you to embrace your natural hair color and skintone, but we know makeup is not one size fits all. Let's start with makeup for natural strawberry blondes, which usually goes hand in hand with pale skintones.

Concealer & Foundation

If you have natural strawberry blonde hair, you will have a pale complexion and perhaps some freckles. Because of this almost transparent skin, camouflaging unsightly dark circles might be necessary. It's best to choose a beige, yellow or pale pink concealer, which may be darker than the color of your skin, but don't worry. This is purely to cover the darkness, then you can go over the concealer with a suitable foundation. Whatever color your hair may be, the golden rule when choosing your foundation is to choose the tone that suits the color of your skin. The foundation should perfectly blend in with your skintone and not add any color - this can be done with bronzer or blusher. We recommend a natural finish on the skin to enhance your natural look and reveal any freckles you may have. Therefore, sheer liquid foundations applied with a beauty blender are ideal. Foundation should just be for muting any redness you have, not turn you into a one-dimensional painting.


When you have fair hair and skin, you must remember not to overdo your eye makeup. We don't mean you can't experiment with colors, smokey eyes and eyeliner, but black should definitely be avoided. Dark eyelids can really wash you out if you are pale.Undereye circles or veiny skin around the eyes can be highlighted if you use blues or purples, so avoid these also.With that said, there are differences between shades, so make sure to opt for one that complements your coloring. It depends whether you have natural strawberry blonde hair or dyed strawberry blonde hair.

  • Strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes: beige, gold, peach and copper tones, are beautiful shades to intensify the blue of your eyes.
  • Green eyes: eyeshadows in plum, cranberry, burgundy, emerald green, brown, gold and copper are gorgeous choices for green eyes.
  • Brown eyes: shades of pink, mauve, grey (not too dark), salmon, bronze and khaki are very flattering.

You may have heard that black mascara is a no-go if you have light red hair. Feel free to opt for dark brown if you want a more natural look, but there is no makeup rule that prevents you from going black!

The Best Makeup for Strawberry Blonde Hair - Makeup for strawberry blondes


Pink may not be your favorite color but it is indeed a color that suits strawberry blonde hair. The good news is there are countless shades of pink and some of which are more on the nude or peachy side. Opt for neutral shades of pink, peach and corals.

As long as you have tamed the redness in your skin, you can then go for bolder pinks and reds. But if you still have a lot of redness in your skin, a bright lipstick will just exaggerate it. If you have dyed red hair and an olive skintone, indulge in bright lips! To embrace the dewy natural look, lip gloss or a sheen of some kind can be very pretty. Play around!

Don't forget...

People often overlook these two aspects of makeup, but the following are vital to flatter your coloring.

A good blush can create the illusion of a healthy glow (if you don't already have one!) The key is to choose a shade that mimics your natural flush. Which, for the case of strawberry blondes is a rosy pink or peach. It's easy to go overboard with blusher, but this is detrimental to most skintones. If you have a lot of redness naturally, adding more to your face won't be too flattering. Use a light hand and the blush will make you healthy and awake.

Now for eyebrows. This is an important topic to cover as techniques differ whether you have natural red hair or dyed hair. Often, strawberry blonde haired people will have very fair eyebrows, so much so they are almost invisible. A touch of color in light feathery strokes is all you need. Be sure to follow your natural shape and don't choose a color that is too dark. If you have naturally dark eyebrows, you could bleach them then use cosmetics over them; whether it be pencil, eyeshadow or gel. Or, you could always embrace the contrast!

The Best Makeup for Strawberry Blonde Hair -

Did you discover some helpful tips? Strawberry blonde hair is beautiful and you should count yourself lucky if you possess it! Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for fellow redheads.

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I'm really grateful for this article. I'm a natural strawberry blond and I find we're often left out of make up blogs and tutorials. I really only wear mascara (because my eyelashes are nearly invisible otherwise). But on rare occasions I like to add a bit more. I don't want to spend the time and resources playing with make up to find the right colours when I really won't wear it. I appreciate you narrowing the field for me.
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We're very glad Addie. Feel free to upload a photo with the results!
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The Best Makeup for Strawberry Blonde Hair